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Dec 182015

Christmas lights can bring down planes?

A trendy, high-tech holiday lighting decoration may be flying off the store shelves but can these Christmas lights bring down planes? According to a story in, the Federal Aviation Administration and the FBI say, "Yes," these new lights co...

Oct 212015

Are you ready for El Nino?

Members from the National Weather Service, Cal Fire, State Office of Emergency and many more gathered in Santa Barbara recently to warn residents that now is the time to get prepared for the coming El Nino. Many experts believe that if the forecast E...

Jul 72015

Mosquito Repellent Plants: Relief in Our Santa Barbara Gardens

Summertime in Santa Barbara means outdoor living at its finest. Even in paradise, however, there can be challenges and pesky pests like the dreaded mosquito. While health officials urge people to avoid outdoor activity in the dusk-to-dawn period...

May 12015

Santa Barbara homeowners: now is the time to go solar!

In a previous blog, "Considering a rooftop solar system?" I discussed the many benefits Santa Barbara homeowners can enjoy when they decide to go solar. Today I am going to encourage you to act now because the renewable energy tax breaks are due to ...

Feb 102015

A Valentine-ish Drought-tolerant Plant: Penstemon Parryi

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I am going to dedicate this blog to one of my flora favorites: the drought-tolerant plant Penstemon Parryi, which adds a bit of magenta to your garden due to it's pinkish spikes. The Southwestern native m...

Jan 82015

Looking for great design plants for your Montecito garden?

I know its still winter but I am already thinking about the spring and searching the Internet for ideas on great design plants for my Montecito garden. My research pointed me in the direction of this website from the City of Santa Barbara which has l...

Jul 252014

Swimming Pool Safety Tips

It's no secret that there are a lot of swimming pools in Montecito and Hope Ranch. This time of year, when our pools are uncovered most of the time and friends and family are enjoying a splash, we need to be especially mindful of the following swimmi...

Feb 72014

Planning a Spring Garden in California? Consider the Drought

A spring garden in California should definitely be planned with the drought in mind. With a little bit of research and planning, however, you can plant some varieties that will thrive with less water and still enjoy your garden. A new report from ...

Aug 142013

Santa Barbara Home and Garden Styles

From classic Spanish Colonial Revival homes to mid-century modern residences, rock gardens to lush Mediterranean-inspired landscaping, Santa Barbara home and garden styles are incredibly diverse. This is due to the region's geography, which stretches...

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