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Want a Blissful Night’s Sleep? Check Out These 10 Zen Bedroom Trends

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PHOTO: Alyssa Rosenheck for Laurel Powell

Which Zen bedroom speaks to you?

I just read an article in MyDomaine with 10 Zen bedroom trends that will transform your space and even help you get a good night’s sleep. Think about it; your bedroom should be on oasis, a cozy, personal, and incredibly special space that offers solace from the chaos of the world, a place you can reflect and unwind in peace and quiet. If you need a little inspiration creating your own Zen bedroom, read on!

  • Add texture
    The key to creating a peaceful sanctuary is texture. Think shaggy Moroccan rug, pom-pom throw and raw wooden beams.
  • Keep it tonal
    The secret to creating peace in any boudoir is sticking to a minimal color palette. Neutral tones ensure a calm and serene sentiment so you can breathe easy without distraction.
  • Natural light
    Ramp up the tranquility by letting in as much natural light as possible. If you don’t have floor-to-ceiling windows, then add pendant lighting to keep the room well-lit.
  • Clear any distractions
    The secret to keeping it Zen is getting rid of clutter. This is easier said than done, but having a distraction-free zone is the key to evoking calm.
  • Layer
    Pair different fabrics together from linen to wool and faux-fur rugs. It’ll make your room look and feel cozy and warm, just the mood we all want in a bedroom.
  • Make it Minimal
    Clear your bedroom of everything except for the bare minimum: a bed, a light, and a nightstand
  • Balance and symmetry
    Add visual interest after considering symmetry in all your design elements. Make sure they offer balance and harmony without the clutter and distraction.
  • Monochromatic chic
    A monochromatic palette can be chic yet warm and snug. Paint your walls white as your base then apply touches of gray and charcoal for a minimal mix that will stand the test of time.
  • Add space
    Leave plenty of white space between furniture pieces so the room can breathe and flow.
  • A Parisian touch
    Don’t be afraid to add a Parisian flair to your bedroom. Try a wire canopy bed frame, fringed pillows, and a comfy love seat to create a room you’ll want to stay in for hours.

If you are considering creating a Zen bedroom in a new home in Montecito, Hope Ranch or any of Santa Barbara’s upscale communities, I’m here to help. Please take a look at my comprehensive website then call me at1.805.886.9378, or email Cristal(at)Montecito- Estate(dotted)com. There are some amazing properties available right now, ready for your special decorator touch.

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