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Selling a Montecito Home? 5 Décor Ideas to Hide The Kid’s Mess

Selling your home with kids cn be a challenge. As you can see in this picture, kids romping at home creating a mess parents are stressed. Hide the mess in plain sight

Keeping it together when selling a Montecito home can be a major challenge, especially for sellers with kids. The process of keeping everything clean and tidy when your Realtor brings potential buyers to showings can be exhausting and overwhelming. It can be downright chaotic when a seller has children, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are some décor ideas designed to help conceal kid clutter and get you from “for sale” to “sold” without the mess and drama.

  • Hide Toys in Plain Sight
    Are your kids’ toys and games overtaking your entire house? Busy parents know it’s not realistic to banish all kid stuff to bedrooms or the playroom. Instead, figure out a way to store your kids’ toys in any room of your house. There are plenty of furniture choices today that come complete with built-in compartments and drawers. How about placing a storage ottoman next to the sofa where you can hide action figures, dolls, art supplies, and more? Or how about storing toys behind the credenza in the family room? Woven baskets with lids can also come in handy. Just place them anywhere in your home and fill them with kid stuff.
  • Hide in Little Used Spaces
    Then there are the spaces that normally don’t get used; like under the bed, in the garage and in the attic storage space. It’s easy to neaten up a room with rolling plastic or rattan storage bins that, once filled, can be placed out of sight in one of these areas. Collapse big toys like kids’ play tents and doll houses and store those behind large furniture. Be creative in your storage solutions.
  • Use Longer-Term Storage to Rotate Kids’ Toys
    Every few weeks, you can swap out storage bins from the attic, garage or wherever you hide them; even the back of a closet will work. Your kids will feel like they get new toys every time the bins are rotated. This trick also works with pet toys.
  • Minimize While Adding a Chic Touch
    Downside your kids’ toys. Make sure you do this activity with your child because this is an excellent learning opportunity. Sort the toys into 3 piles. One to keep, one to donate and the third to throw out. This step will streamline the cleanup process for you and will teach your children a valuable lesson at the same time. Plus, you’ll have fewer toys and kid stuff to move when you’re ready.
  • Kid Furniture That Adds Space
    Your child’s bedroom is the perfect place to add a little style while creating natural storage spaces. Think bookcases and desks; anything with useful cubbies and shelves will do. Besides using this furniture for storage, the pieces will also dress up the entire room. Plus, you can display your child’s artwork and favorite knick-knacks there, too.

Speaking of kids, as those of us living in Santa Barbara and its surrounding area know that, In addition to being flat-out beautiful, this is a great place to raise a family. In fact, the town of Montecito was named #1 Best Places to Live in Santa Barbara County in 2018 by Niche, an online portal that connects people to their future schools, neighborhoods, and workplaces. Montecito has a great sense of community that makes the whole town welcoming to newcomers. 

It’s true, the schools are excellent here and UCSB, Santa Barbara City College and Westmont provide ample opportunities for higher education. Besides having the perfect year-round climate, there are several attractions to keep your family entertained, including many cultural activities in town. Plus, the police and fire departments are among the highest rated in the nation, with a crime rate that’s below the national average.

If you are looking for a family friendly home to buy in Santa Barbara, I have many on my comprehensive website. 

Montecito Cottage for saleThere’s this Montecito Cottage to consider. The home’s abundant multi-pane windows, French doors to large verandas, and recessed lighting come together to create an ambiance of spaciousness and light inside. There’s plenty of room outside the property for children to play (and adults too) since the home is situated on over an acre of land. The land also offers plenty of room for expansion. Minutes from the Upper Village and picturesque beaches, this Montecito cottage is also in the coveted Montecito Union School District.

Make life a little easier when selling a Montecito home by following the suggestions above. Potential buyers will see a clean space that they’ll want to make their own. Considering selling your Santa Barbara home? Check out my former post, Tips for Moving  With Children, and give me a call at +1 805.886.9378 or email me at I’ll happily add your home to my portfolio of fine properties and would be happy to help you find the perfect family home in the area at the same time!


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