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A New Trend in Santa Barbara Interior Design?


Farrow & Ball luxury paint is perfect for Santa Barbara Interior DesignSanta Barbara interior design will surely take notice of a new innovation in wallcoverings. Style-conscious Montecito homeowners are discovering a new luxury paint company that can turn their home’s interior and exterior walls into status symbols. That’s right, Farrow & Ball was recently featured in the Robb Report as the leader in the movement away from the popular stark minimalism of the past toward a more expressive aesthetic of the future. At least, when it comes to paint and wallpaper.

There was a time when very few people saw the inside of your home; but now, thanks to Instagram, you can allow just about everyone to take a peek inside your space. This means that your taste level and economic status are fully on display for all to see. Every detail must be considered, right down to the paint you use.

Enter Farrow & Ball

The high-end paint company, with headquarters in Dorset, England, is the “manufacturer of paints and wallpapers largely based upon historic color palettes and archives.”

The Robb Report isn’t the first major publication to profile the company. The New Yorker also recently highlighted the company’s unique paint and wallpaper that have become a new kind of status symbol. Inspired, no doubt, by the Instagram craze where filters reign supreme and the right hue signifies that you’re in-the-know. I find this design fixation an excellent example of how low-key industries like paint companies are reinventing themselves as luxury purveyors based on social media trends.

The company offers homeowners around the world unique, deep and richly pigmented paint colors that can actually bring walls to life because the paint responds to changing light throughout the day. The beautiful sunlight that we enjoy here year-round makes Santa Barbara interior design the perfect advocate for the distinctive Farrow & Ball look.

The Paint

Farrow & Ball offers so many amazing chices for Santa Barbara Interior DesignAccording to New Yorker writer Rebecca Mead, who personally met with Farrow & Ball’s “color curator,” Joa Studholme: “Nobody is more confident in discriminating among minute gradations of white, or in deciding between a greenish blue and a bluish green; she resolves perplexing baseboard issues with aplomb. Crucially, she provides her clients with limited options: whereas Benjamin Moore offers 174 shades of red, the current Farrow & Ball palette offers 19.”

The highly pigmented paint is designed to deliver a unique depth of color that responds to changing light. Reacting to everything from passing clouds and our amazing sunsets, to the glow of lights and the flicker of a fire. Farrow and Ball’s paint colors seem to gently shift in light and shade. What that means is added complexity to anyone’s decorative scheme.

While the colors don’t change, the company explains: “the same color in the same space can feel bright and airy in the morning sun, soft and gentle in the afternoon light, or cocooning and intimate by the evening. This is because our immersive paint colors are blended with a balance of rich pigments and generous amounts of light-reflecting titanium dioxide, meaning that, as the day goes on, the varying undertones in every hue can become more or less prominent.”

The Wallpaper

Every roll of Farrow & Ball wallpaper utilizes the company’s eco-friendly paint to create subtle depth and texture. The result is a distinctively tactile effect. From a simple stripe to intricate damask or modern geometric, each pattern is printed and finished with a wipeable coating. This ensures your wallpaper stays beautifully vibrant, as well as free from marks and stains.

How Light Affects Color

This luxury paint and wallpaper’s most distinctive asset is the beautiful, unexpected results. Your walls will actually appear different where your light sources meet the colors you choose. The quality of the light, the time of day, and even the time of year can change the look of your walls. It can be difficult to pin down every element that might play tricks with your paint color, but who cares? It will look amazing.

Before you begin, the company suggest you consider some important lighting aspect of the room you’re painting. Namely, does it face east, west, north, or south?

Northern light tends to bring out the cooler tones within a color, so if you’re using a lighter tone, avoid anything with a green or gray base. In fine weather, south facing rooms can be filled with warm light from dawn until dusk, making them among the easiest rooms to choose a palette for. When decorating a west or east facing room, consider when you’ll be using it most and then select a color accordingly. Light in west facing spaces is cooler in the morning and brighter in the afternoon, while the opposite is true for east facing rooms. Just like natural light, artificial lighting can affect how colors appear, too.

The Brand

Farrow & Ball doesn’t consider itself as just another paint and wallpaper company. They are interested in branding their products as the best in the world, suggesting Santa Barbara interior design clients, for example, think of their products as a designer handbag for their house. That’s a fair analogy since the paints cost twice as much as a mass market brand: $110 per gallon. For stylish homeowners, the cost is worth it.

In addition to paint and wallpaper, the company offers expert color consultants from their West Hollywood Showroom can work with Santa Barbara and Montecito homeowners to create stylish, luxury walls they love, with finishes that work specifically for them. Their main goal is to help create a home that owners never want to leave and when they have to, they can’t wait to come back to. 

All style-conscious Santa Barbara and Montecito homeowners interested in Santa Barbara interior design, especially those who love social media, should consider contacting Farrow & Mead . Meantime, if you are considering a move in or to any of the upscale communities in Santa Barbara, you should consider contacting me. I can find you a new home and sell your existing one at the same time. Just check out the buyers and sellers sections of my website, then give me a call at +1 805.886.9378 or email me at


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