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How to Care for High-end Furniture

A little care and TLC can make well-designed home furnishings last a long, long time

You invested your time and money into your high-end furniture. Don’t you want to keep it looking great? I know I do. That’s why I spoke to my friends at one of my favorite furniture design companies, Founded in 1986, Arhaus has a passion for providing unique, high quality, well-designed home furnishings to discerning customers. Besides designing their own products, the experts at Arhaus work with the best manufacturers to bring high-quality furniture directly to customers. Thanks to product developers who travel the globe, many of the craft pieces they carry can only be found at Arhaus, which is what makes this company stand out among the rest.


From the experts at Arhaus

Caring for High-end Furniture

Furniture is an important part of our lives every day. Some pieces are utilitarian, such as a chair at the dining table; others are aesthetic, such as an antique sculpture or carving; still, others may have an emotional or symbolic importance as mementos, such as a chest that has been in the family for years. Whatever their nature or purpose, if they are important to you, they deserve the best care available. Here are some excellent tips:

Your Dining Room Table

The dining room table is the gathering place where family and friends sit down together to share dinners, late night conversations, and quality time. Such an important piece we use year-round should be constructed of easy-to-clean materials that make following cleaning and maintenance practices simple. If you are in the market for a new dining room table that comfortably sits your family (plus more) and withstands wear and tear, consider looking at sustainable pieces online, like these examples at Arhaus. Since most dining tables are crafted of wood, they are vulnerable to both liquids and intense heat. That’s why we suggest you look into purchasing placemats for each seat at the table and pick ones that align with the design of your space to create an inviting atmosphere. Along with placemats, potholders are beneficial for hot items brought to the table for serving. Any hot item can discolor a wood table permanently, so placing a pot holder underneath will ensure the fresh finish on your tabletop remains intact. At the end of an evening, to clean your wood table just use mild soap and small amounts of water on a washcloth, and lightly remove any spills. When moving or rearranging items on the table, look out for sharp objects and anything that can leave a scratch; should any blemishes occur, you can use furniture touch-up pens to cover them. how to care for high end furniture

Living Room Sofa

Whether your sofa is linen or leather, there are many ways to treat and protect it. For leather, you must be strategic with where you move it. Anywhere in direct sunlight can cause the fabric to fade quickly. Due to leather’s porous nature, avoiding spills will help preserve the material, If someone should accidentally knock over a drink onto your sofa, however, quickly clean the spill by blotting the stain. Wiping the material will cause the stain to absorb and potentially leave permanent damage behind. When purchasing a leather sofa, ask about what kind of specific care it will need. By using a leather protector two to four times a year, you maintain a new-sofa shine while also waterproofing the material for any potential accidents.

If you have a linen sofa, the treatment is different. Often, people will use sofa covers to conserve the material when company comes over; adding an extra layer for a stain to permeate before damaging the sofa. To clean the material, using soap and water, gently spot and soak the spill with a cloth. Additionally, be sure to vacuum the material regularly.

Metal Decor

Whether it’s holiday items or your general decor, forgetting about your metal can cause chips and cracks that are irreparable. Metal does not need constant attention, but adding casual weekly dusting into your routine will retain its decorative shine. Every metal piece you own should come with a manual for touch-ups and best cleaning practices. (Allocate a drawer in your home to safe keep the information about your furniture so you can reference at any time.) Avoid scrubbing metals, because any cracks can worsen with harsh handling. Use soap and water to clean, as well as using a wax every six months to ensure a smooth finish.

There’s no way to prepare for every accidental spill, nick, or scratch, but being able to protect and prevent an accident from permanently damaging your high-end furniture pieces can definitely relieve some stress, especially around the holiday season.

Speaking of stress during the holidays, I know that to buy or sell a home during that time can add to it exponentially. Trust me. The calming reassurance of a seasoned, knowledgeable, understanding and caring real estate professional can help tremendously. Give me a call at 805.886.9378 or email me at I’ll happily add your listing to my portfolio of fine homes in the Santa Barbara area, and find your new dream home on the American Rivera.


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