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Ready for a Channel Islands Cruise?


A couple smiling on a yacht during a Channel Islands Cruise Does a three-day private Channel Islands cruise aboard a luxury yacht sound exciting to you? It does to me! An adventure to one of the most exotic destinations in California, the Channel Islands, is just one of many interesting outings you can find at GetYourGuide, a company dedicated to transforming ordinary trips into extraordinary ones. This private three-day eco-cruise gives Santa Barbara residents and visitors a chance to explore the nearby islands in style, and to sail, kayak, hike, and discover the National Park far away from the crowds on shore.

Your Yacht: the Sancerre

You can book your yachting adventure through GetYourGuide, or charter it locally via Sail Channel Islands. Either way, you’ll sail on the Sancerre, a full-on French-built luxury yacht that has been hosting and touring guests for a decade. Her owner, Dan Ryder, is a U.S. Coast Guard-licensed Captain with more than four decades of sailing experience. He is also a gourmet chef, winemaker, composer, musician and renowned raconteur. Meals aboard the Sancerre — from the simple to the sublime — are prepared by another Renaissance man, Dennis Dreith.

 You’ll have everything you need for this fantastic mini-vacation, including kayaks and a dinghy, perfect for exploring the sea caves and tide pools. You and your guests can also use them to go ashore to hike and investigate the uninhabited areas that cover roughly 100 square miles.

Enjoy Rare VIP Access to the Channel Islands

Priced at $5,100 for a group of four, this Channel Islands cruise will allow you and your guests three days and two nights on the islands: something usually reserved for park rangers and biologists. It’s an overnight experience only available to a precious few civilian visitors who visit by private boat. Unlike other island visitors, you will be able to roam free and explore the most exotic spots by land and sea.

The waters surrounding the Channel Islands are considered among the world’s best for sailing and are on many sailors’ bucket lists of places to go. Captain Dan has been sailing these waters for a decade, so he knows the islands well. He’s an expert who knows from first-hand experience the moods of the weather and water as well as the best places to see the amazing wildlife. As you sail you’re likely to see dolphins and whales breaching within reach.

Magic Awaits You on Your Channel Islands Cruise

A dramatic image of Santa Cruz Island, part of the Channel Islands, covered in fog Here’s a sampling of what you can find on each of the islands Captain Dan tours:

Santa Cruz Island

In its vastness and variety of flora, fauna, and geology, Santa Cruz Island is the largest island in the entire state. Some say it resembles a miniature California, with two rugged mountain ranges and deep canyons providing year-round springs and streams. Enjoy the 77 miles of craggy coastline cliffs, giant sea caves, pristine tidepools, and expansive beaches. One of the largest and deepest sea caves in the world, Painted Cave, is found on the northwest side of Santa Cruz. Named because of its colorful rock types, lichens, and algae, Painted Cave is nearly a quarter mile long and 100 feet wide, with an entrance ceiling of 160 feet. If you travel in the spring, there’s a waterfall over the entrance. These varied landforms support more than 600 plant species: from marshes and grasslands to chaparral and pine forests.

Santa Rosa Island

Just like its larger neighbor, Santa Rosa Island has varied landforms that support a diverse array of plant and animal species. About 500 plant species can be found here, including six plant species found only on Santa Rosa and nowhere else in the world. One of these species, the Santa Rosa Island subspecies of Torrey pine, is considered one of the rarest pines in the world. This island also hosts more than 100 bird and three mammal species, including the island’s largest native mammal, the endemic island fox, two amphibian and three reptile species, and colonies of seabirds, seals and sea lions.

San Miguel

Wind and weather constantly sweep across the North Pacific to batter the shores of the westernmost of all the islands, San Miguel. This extreme weather creates a harsh but profoundly beautiful environment. You’ll find lush native vegetation that covers this landscape.

Santa Barbara Island

The smallest of the Channel Islands is a deceptive one indeed. From a distance, this one-square-mile island may look a bit barren. Upon closer examination, you’ll see the island offers more than one would expect. See resting elephant seals, blooming yellow flowers, tumbling Scripps’s murrelet chicks, and rich cultural history. Santa Barbara Island is the center of a chain of jewels; a crossroads for people and animals.


Catalina Island is the only one of the eight islands with a significant permanent civilian settlement. Namely, the city of Avalon and the unincorporated town of Two Harbors. Charter Dan’s yacht to explore the many things to do on Catalina Island with activities and adventures for all ages.

If you live in any of the Santa Barbara area’s upscale communities, then you know that visiting the Channel Islands is one of the many recreational activities we enjoy year round. A Channel Islands cruise is a pinnacle of those activities.

You can take a private eco-cruise to the Channel Islands aboard a luxury yacht while I stay on land to negotiate the purchase or sale of your new Montecito or Santa Barbara home. So, check out my portfolio of fine properties, then give me a call at 805.886.9378 or email me at


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