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May 252022


Writer Susan Hartzler’s Q&A with Top Montecito Realtor Cristal Clarke Luxury home sales in Santa Barbara County are still soaring. However, there are some tips Award-Winning Realtor Cristal Clarke has to share to ensure selling your home quick...

Aug 102021

Thinking About Investing in Luxury Storage Units?

JOIN OTHER SAVVY SELF-STORAGE INVESTORS LIKE BILL GATES If you’re among those considering investing in the quickly emerging trend of luxury storage units, you‘re not alone. In fact, savvy investors like Bill Gates are seeking opportunities in ...

Apr 102021

The Home Inspection: What Every Buyer Needs to Know

WHAT INSPECTORS SHOULD INSPECT, AND THE HOMEBUYER SHOULD EXPECT For most buyers, a home inspection can be both reassuring and exhausting. It is possibly the first chance a buyer has to go inside the home after they have made an offer. But more imp...

Mar 162021

Exterior Color Schemes That Work for Santa Barbara Homes

EXPERTS WEIGH IN ON WHY TO PAINT, AND WHAT COLOR COMBINATIONS QUALIFY AS CLASSIC There are many reasons to tackle the seemingly overwhelming job of painting your home and choosing exterior color schemes. Not only does the paint contribute to your ho...

Feb 112021

The Real Estate Closing Process in The Age of Covid

CRISTAL CLARKE’S SELLERS' GUIDE TO SUCCESS The first step in the real estate closing process, in times like these, is to hire an agent with years of experience who knows how to make a sale in any environment, including a worldwide virus outbreak...

Oct 132020

Moving to a New Home: 6 Considerations for Families

SCHOOLS, SIDEWALKS, NEIGHBORS, AND MORE Moving to a new home can be a fun and exciting time for a family. Whether you’re moving with children or aging parents, there are some important things to consider before you begin your search. To find th...

Sep 152020

The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Eco-Friendly Home: Part 1

20 SIMPLE WAYS TO JOIN THE GREEN REVOLUTION It’s not surprising that more and more homeowners are going green in their everyday lives. The benefits of creating an eco-friendly home are far-reaching, but many Santa Barbara and Montecito homeowner...

Sep 122020

The Art of Backyard Stargazing in Santa Barbara

INTERACTIVE, EDUCATIONAL, AND DOWNRIGHT COOL Santa Barbara and Montecito  are renowned for having perfect Mediterranean weather and miles of pristine beaches. But what many don’t realize, or at least notice, is that at night the sky is filled w...

Jul 312020

Ellen and Portia Burglarized: A Montecito Luxury Realtor’s Home Security Tips

WHAT EVERY SANTA BARBARA AND MONTECITO HOMEOWNER NEEDS TO KNOW In light of the alarming news about the burglary of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s Montecito mansion, I thought this would be the perfect time to take an in-depth look at st...

Jul 142020

7 Tips for Creating Your Own Safe Haven

COMBINING ELEMENTS OF PSYCHOLOGY, COMMON SENSE, BASIC DESIGN AND EVEN MATHEMATICS CAN GET YOU STARTED What makes a happy home? A safe haven offering sanctuary from the storm, so to speak. It’s one that brings a smile to your face and a feeling o...

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