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Aug 42015

Why You Need A Revocable Trust

If you don't already have one, please consider preparing a revocable trust. My clients return to me all the time asking to list a property that was left to them by a loved one that has deceased. In working with these customers, I have found that the ...

Jul 212015

Beware of hackers and real estate wire transfers

Homebuyers need to beware of hackers and real estate wire transfers. In this frightening scenario, hackers illegally get the email accounts of real estate agents and brokers, which is not so surprising considering places like Target, Sony, and the De...

Feb 192015

What is a prenuptial deed?

Many couples in the luxury real estate market wonder, "What is a prenuptial deed?" After all, purchasing a luxury home is a major investment. Before you decide if this is the right choice for you and your significant other, you must examine the basic...

Jul 222014

Tax breaks for a second home

Tax breaks for a second home make owning that pied-à-terre an excellent investment choice. If you are considering buying a second home for vacation, rental or investment, you need to understand today's tax breaks and what they mean. Tax laws are com...

Jan 312014

Ability To Repay and Qualified Mortgage: What Do Those New Regulations Mean to You?

Confused about the new federal "ability to repay" and "qualified mortgage" regulations that took effect Jan. 10, 2014? Don't worry, you're not alone. In fact, mortgage, banking and credit union leaders all agreed during recent hearings on Capitol Hil...

Apr 112013

Luxury Real Estate – Proposed Tax Cuts

President Barack Obama once again is calling for a cap on the value of itemized deductions, including the mortgage-interest and property-tax deductions, in his 2014 federal budget request. The cap would limit the value of deductions to 28 perce...

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