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Dec 312019

2020 Brings New California Laws

INCLUDING ONE WRITTEN BY SANTA BARBARA SENATOR HANNAH-BETH JACKSON There are hundreds of new California laws set to go into effect in 2020, including an important one for women, authored by Santa Barbara’s Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson. Others...

Dec 92019

4 Elements of Real Estate Asset Protection

DO YOU HAVE A PLAN FOR LEGAL SECURITY OF YOUR PROPERTY?  You should. Consider this: the value of your real estate holdings may be significant and can be used to cover damages awarded in a lawsuit. That's something you want to avoid.  4 Importan...

Mar 82019

Real Estate Disclosure Forms: Foolproof or Fallible?

4 OF THE CRAZIEST THINGS BUYERS FOUND AFTER CLOSING California disclosure laws are an integral part of the journey toward closing on a home. The Golden State, like many others, requires its residential property sellers to disclose certain things i...

Jan 292019

3 Ways to Maximize Your Profit When Selling a Home

THE NOT SO SECRET SECRETS OF SAVVY SELLERS I'm sure you want to maximize your profit when selling a home. Many people are tempted to consider options such as working with a discount real estate agent or entering into a sale-by-owner program, but I...

Dec 72017

The Laws: California Real Estate Disclosures

What are my disclosure obligations when selling a home in Santa Barbara? Do you know real estate disclosure laws vary from state to state? The law when it comes to California real estate disclosures requires residential property sellers to report, i...

Jun 132017

Are you considering buying a vacation home? Read this first!

Seven truths about vacation home ownership According to a story in the Wall Street Journal, although the economy is firming up, interest rates are still relatively low and investment accounts are brimming, there are many things to consider before bu...

Nov 32015

8 Estate Planning Essentials

Estate planning: it's a topic no one wants to think about. Yet it's extremely important. If the worst should happen and you don't have your financial affairs in order, you will be leaving it up to your loved ones to decide what to do, or worse, the c...

Aug 42015

Why You Need A Revocable Trust

If you don't already have one, please consider preparing a revocable trust. My clients return to me all the time asking to list a property that was left to them by a loved one that has deceased. In working with these customers, I have found that the ...

Jul 212015

Beware of hackers and real estate wire transfers

Homebuyers need to beware of hackers and real estate wire transfers. In this frightening scenario, hackers illegally get the email accounts of real estate agents and brokers, which is not so surprising considering places like Target, Sony, and the De...

Feb 192015

What is a prenuptial deed?

Many couples in the luxury real estate market wonder, "What is a prenuptial deed?" After all, purchasing a luxury home is a major investment. Before you decide if this is the right choice for you and your significant other, you must examine the basic...

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