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Jan 182019

The Junk Drawer: A Montecito Tradition?

Even luxury homes have a junk drawer or two deserving an annual clearing and cleaning I’m going to take a bold step here and assume that literally every Montecito residence – including my own – has at least one junk drawer. Are those receptacl...

Jan 22019

New Year’s Resolutions: Facts, Trends and Santa Barbara Specific

Plus, 20 laugh out loud New Year’s Resolutions culled from Twitter Can you believe it’s already been a year since we made and broke all our New Year’s Resolutions? I can’t. According to research on the topic, about 60% of us admit that we ma...

Dec 182018

Survey Finds More People Are Working From Home Today

12 Tips on taking the plunge and creating the perfect office in your Montecito home Recent data compiled by a consortium of economists, data scientists, designers, researchers, and business executives compiled a comprehensive report, Data USA, that ...

Oct 122018

Aging at Home in Santa Barbara

Six ways to adapt your home as your needs change As our population continues to get older, aging at home becomes more and more important. Scientists predict that by 2050, the number of Americans ages 65 and older will reach 88.5 million. That’s m...

Aug 102018

6 Things Homesellers Should Avoid

Here are Important Things for Homesellers to Steer Clear of  It’s a seller’s market but for homesellers, that doesn’t mean anything goes. You still need to take the time to prepare and market your house. Before you begin your house selling jo...

Jul 262018

Buying a Home vs. Leasing One

3 questions to ask when deciding to buy or lease a home If you’re in a quandary about whether to buy or lease a home in today’s volatile real estate market, you’re not alone. According to The Pew Research Center, more U.S. households are leasi...

Jul 242018

Top 4 “Real Estate Facts” Debunked

Experts agree: conventional wisdom surrounding so-called real estate facts is not always accurate We’ve all heard them, and everyone assumes these nuggets of wisdom are true, but should we rely on what are often considered real estate facts? Exper...

Jun 292018

Buyer’s Remorse Keeping You Awake?

If Buyer’s Remorse, or even Seller’s Remorse is Keeping You Awake, Here are Some Remedies Sleep, or lack of it, is such an important topic that I’ve blogged about it before, but I’ve never looked at how buyer’s remorse or second-guessi...

Jan 182018

The ABCs of Creating an Emergency Plan

The devastating mudslides caused by the recent fires made me think of creating an emergency plan for my family. How about you? I'm offering my own personal input to those of you considering – or not considering -- creating an emergency plan. Do yo...

Dec 202017

6 Steps to Protect Your Home from Wildfires

Anxiety continues to be high for residents of Santa Barbara County, where the Thomas wildfire continues to destroy the landscape Do you know how to protect your home from wildfires? If you like in Santa Barbara, you should! The New York Times warns...

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