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Jul 52018

Kitchen Trends: Terrazzo Countertops

Terrazzo countertops are among the latest kitchen trends. And the versatile material has quite a history. The distinct look can be traced back to ancient Egypt. What we know as terrazzo today was developed by builders in Venice, Italy, and original...

Jul 32018

Planning to Adopt a Dog? 6 Steps to Successfully Integrate a Furry Family Member into Your Home

Set yourself up for success when you adopt a dog When you adopt a dog, you can expect loads of unconditional love along with unwanted hair, dirt, and slobber. As a true dog lover, I’m always excited to hear when a friend or client gets a new fur b...

Jun 292018

Buyer’s Remorse Keeping You Awake?

If Buyer’s Remorse, or even Seller’s Remorse is Keeping You Awake, Here are Some Remedies Sleep, or lack of it, is such an important topic that I’ve blogged about it before, but I’ve never looked at how buyer’s remorse or second-guessi...

Jun 262018

Is Buying a Home Together Before Getting Married a Good Idea?

Couples considering buying a home together should heed these warnings In a previous blog, I shared info about a prenuptial deed when buying a home together after you’ve tied the knot. But what if you and your partner decide to buy a home togethe...

Jun 222018

The Real Estate Market: Then and Now

Comparing the real estate market in 1988 to now is more than just a nostalgia trip I just read an article in about the annual State of the Nation’s Housing report from The Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies and found the intel ...

Jun 202018

What You Need to Know About Home Inspectors in Santa Barbara

Homebuyers: here’s a checklist to share with home inspectors in Santa Barbara When you're looking for home inspectors in Santa Barbara, there are several things you need to keep in mind. While I’ve blogged about home inspections before, it’s ...

Jun 152018

Santa Barbara Real Estate Prices Are HOT!

Are you ready to list your piece of Santa Barbara Real Estate? Now is the time! The Santa Barbara real estate prices are HOT this spring and summer. Not in temperature. We still enjoy our year-round Mediterranean weather. But in home prices. Whil...

Jun 122018

Indoor Rock Climbing at the Santa Barbara Rock Gym

Perfect Gift for Active Santa Barbara Dads: A Day of Rock Climbing at Santa Barbara’s Indoor Climbing Wall or Outdoors for Father’s Day Guys love to climb so what better gift to give Dad on Father’s Day then a Rock Climbing Adventure either ...

Jun 112018

Tips for Moving with Children

Guest post by Alexis Hall, author of Moving is an important step in any family’s life. It can be stressful and exciting, filled with hopes and fears. For children, there are risks that come from the instability that moving can p...

Jun 72018

Who Gets the House in a Divorce?

Anyone getting divorced needs to consider their real estate assets Disputes over major assets like your home are common among those who are getting divorced. That’s not surprising since a home is one of the largest major assets of any couple. Wha...

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