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Aug 122021

The Santa Barbara Garden: 10 Plants To Spruce It Up While Keeping Mosquitos Away

ADD CURB APPEAL WITHOUT INVITING PESKY PESTS Do you know there are some beautiful plants that can safely act to keep mosquitos out of your Santa Barbara garden and yard? Here are 10 that are most effective: 1) Mint Mint is an effective mosquit...

Jun 232021

Around The World Ideas for Santa Barbara Gardens

GARDENS ARE AESTHETICALLY PLEASING, OFFER HEALTH BENEFITS, AND CAN INCREASE PROPERTY VALUE Our amazing Mediterranean climate is one of the many things that make living in Santa Barbara desirable, and makes magical Santa Barbara gardens possible. T...

Apr 162021

The Fine Art of Outdoor Dining in Santa Barbara

10 ESSENTIAL TIPS TO CREATE THE ULTIMATE AL FRESCO VENUE We who are lucky enough to call Montecito and its surrounding communities home live in the perfect setting to experience the fine art of outdoor dining in Santa Barbara. An outdoor kitchen...

Mar 162021

Exterior Color Schemes That Work for Santa Barbara Homes

EXPERTS WEIGH IN ON WHY TO PAINT, AND WHAT COLOR COMBINATIONS QUALIFY AS CLASSIC There are many reasons to tackle the seemingly overwhelming job of painting your home and choosing exterior color schemes. Not only does the paint contribute to your ho...

Feb 192021

Outdoor Living Spaces for Luxury Homes: Builders Follow the Santa Barbara Example

5 SANTA BARBARA OUTDOOR TRENDS U.S. HOMEOWNERS ARE EMBRACING Outdoor living spaces for luxury homes across the country are becoming bigger, more elaborate and more central to the particular home, just like the backyards here in sunny Santa Barbara...

Sep 122020

The Art of Backyard Stargazing in Santa Barbara

INTERACTIVE, EDUCATIONAL, AND DOWNRIGHT COOL Santa Barbara and Montecito  are renowned for having perfect Mediterranean weather and miles of pristine beaches. But what many don’t realize, or at least notice, is that at night the sky is filled w...

Aug 62020

Thinking About Going Solar? A Primer for Santa Barbara and Montecito Homeowners

WHEN CONSIDERING THE SOLAR OPTION, A LITTLE KNOWLEDGE GOES A LONG WAY If you’re thinking about going solar, installing solar panels to your Montecito home is a no-brainer these days. In fact, California is one of the best places in the nation to...

Aug 42020

Santa Barbara Landscape Design: Complementing Your Home’s Architecture

THE BEST MONTECITO AND SANTA BARBARA LANDSCAPE DESIGN IS MORE THAN JUST A PRETTY FACE          From Spanish Colonial Revival homes and Victorian and Craftsman beauties, to mid-century modern and contemporary residences, Santa Barbara’s...

Jul 242020

Santa Barbara Day Trips: Convenient, Safe and Sanity Savers

TAKE IN OUR DRAMATIC COASTLINE, SPANISH COLONIAL ARCHITECTURE, BUTTERFLIES AND MORE The summer of 2020 might not be the best time to live out your Jack Kerouac road trip fantasy, but locals suffering from cabin fever due to COVID-19 can take a day...

May 282020

Who Says Fun Games to Play Outside Are Just for Kids?

10 LAWN GAMES SANTA BARBARA HOMEOWNERS OF ANY AGE CAN ENJOY Warmer days mean homeowners want to get outside and safely enjoy Santa Barbara’s beautiful outdoors. What could be better than fun games to play outside with those you’ve been quarant...

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