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Jan 42019

The Santa Barbara School District

School quality has a mighty influence on home buyers Many of my customers ask me about the Santa Barbara School District, the main public school district that serves Santa Barbara and Goleta. I am happy to answer that the Santa Barbara’s public s...

Dec 212018

The Montecito Village Recovery Fund: Locals Helping Montecito Recover

Disasters such as the Thomas Fire and the 1/9 debris flow can have long-term ramifications for local businesses Tragedies such as the Thomas Fire and the 1/9 Debris Flow would be devastating for any town, but for quaint Montecito, local leaders and ...

Nov 272018

Montecito Community Leadership Forms The Partnership for Resilient Communities

As our neighbors in Ventura and Los Angeles begin to recover from the Woolsey Fire, Montecito community leaders form The Partnership for Resilient Communities I’m thoroughly impressed with the Montecito community leadership that formed the Partner...

Oct 52018

Celebrate the Avocado at The California Avocado Festival®

The California Avocado Festival® is California's Largest FREE music festival Don’t miss the California Avocado Festival taking place October 5 - 7 on Linden Avenue in Carpinteria. This is one of the largest FREE festivals in the entire state of...

Sep 112018

California Wine Month: the Perfect Time to Enjoy Some Delicious Santa Barbara Pinot Noir

Vintage After Vintage, Foxen Pinot Noir Receives High Acclaim and Awards September is California Wine Month, the perfect reason to head to Foxen Vineyards in Santa Barbara Wine Country’s Santa Maria Valley to enjoy a glass of award-winning Pino No...

Aug 242018

Lotusland: One of the World’s 10 Best Gardens

Lotusland: the perfect place to bask in Santa Barbara’s botanical beauty Everyone knows about Santa Barbara’s beautiful beaches, impressive architecture, and perfect Mediterranean weather, but do you know about Montecito’s Lotusland? Since 199...

Mar 272018

Easter in Santa Barbara: Eggs Hunts, Bunnies and More!

There's so much to see and do in and around Santa Barbara this Easter you'll find it hard to decided where to begin Easter in Santa Barbara is a special time for residents and visitors alike. That's because spring is one of the best times to live on...

Mar 132018

Things to Do in Santa Barbara this Spring

There's no denying that Santa Barbara is beautiful this time of year There's so much to do in Santa Barbara this Spring it can be difficult to decide where to begin. With all the Spring flowers popping up and the many activities, there's never a dul...

Jan 202018

Will the Santa Barbara Film Festival be Held This Year? Yes!

The Show Must Go On! Will the Santa Barbara Film Festival be held this year while many who live in Santa Barbara and Montecito struggle with the effects of the recent destructive wildfire and devastating mudslide? The answer is YES! As the clean-up ...

Dec 12017

Whale Watching in Santa Barbara

Hop aboard a whale watching tour and see why the Santa Barbara Channel is one of the best places in the world for spotting sea life The best season for whale watching in Santa Barbara begins in late November. Those of us lucky enough to call Santa...

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