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Jan 182019

The Junk Drawer: A Montecito Tradition?

EVEN LUXURY HOMES HAVE A JUNK DRAWER OR TWO  I’m going to take a bold step here and assume that literally every Montecito residence – including my own – has at least one junk drawer. Are those receptacles of random stuff a metaphor for how yo...

Nov 302018

Creating a Cozy Home: 9 Ways to Generate a Comfy Space This Winter

Don’t let the predicted gray, rainy skies ruin your mood It’s that time of year when many of us here in Santa Barbara turn our attention to creating a cozy home.  According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, winter temperatures will be near or cool...

Aug 142018

Santa Barbara Salt Cave

Santa Barbara Salt Cave is the largest underground Crystal Salt Cave in North America I’ve blogged previously about the healthy lifestyle we live here in Santa Barbara but the incredible facility and spa called the Santa Barbara Salt Cave, takes ...

May 312018

Is the American Dream Alive or Dead?

Does the American Dream mean owning a home? What is the American Dream? A recent study showed that 53% of those asked believed owning a home is central to the American Dream while 18% thought it was the most important part. While that dream has dr...

May 102018

Adult Treehouse? That’s Right! They’re Not Just for Kids Anymore

  Our Mediterranean climate makes Santa Barbara the perfect place to build an adult treehouse I just read a story in the Wall Street Journal about a growing new trend: the adult treehouse. I’ve blogged previously about the man cave, an...

Apr 162018

8 Housewarming Traditions from Around the World

Housewarming Traditions: Would you invite a cow to welcome you to your new home? Boil Milk & Rice In the Vasthu Sastra Indian tradition, many acts are performed to bless the home and ward off evil spirits. Boiling milk and rice unti...

Oct 262017

Teaching children financial responsibility: Start with Halloween!

It may sound a little strange but Halloween might be one of the best holidays for teaching children financial responsibility. Leading finance experts were asked to share their financial wisdom and strategies surrounding Halloween and the answers were...

Sep 252017

The Living Vehicle™: A New Vision for Sustainable Living

The key to a sustainable life is choosing the values that matter most and living accordingly Have you heard about the Living Vehicle™? Designed in California, made in America, driven by honesty, passion, and ingenuity, the Living Vehicle™ is the...

Jun 32017

Are Flying Taxis in our Future?

Imagine a flying taxi landing on the rooftop landing pad of your luxury Santa Barbara home! According to a story in the Robb Report, leaders at Uber, the popular ride-share network, are looking to the future, and they see a world where flying taxis...

May 262017

The Montaña Magica Treehouse; A Magical Vacation Destination

This magical vacation spot in the Chilean Patagonian Rainforest Should Be on Your Bucket List! Introducing the "Magic Mountain" Treehouse in the Chilean Patagonian Rainforest. Those of us lucky enough to call Santa Barbara home are very selective ...

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