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Aug 92016

10 Home Items to Buy in Big Box Stores

In an earlier blog on the shopping habits of the wealthy, I uncovered that big box stores are among the places millionaires like to shop. Here are 10 reasons why: New trends Big box stores are a great place to adopt a new trend without a big s...

Oct 152015

How to Create Your Own 5-Star Guest Room

Creating your own 5-Star guest room should be on the top of your to-do list right now. Why? As autumn heads toward the busy holiday season, now is the time to prepare for houseguests. We all love spending a little more time with loved ones over the h...

Oct 12015

Designing a home around your art collection

An art collection and a home are two of the top hard-asset classes people are investing in today. Most homeowners live with their art collections. Others build their homes around it. The Wall Street Journal reports that some serious art enthusi...

Aug 182015

Tips on Incorporating Your Travels Into Your Home Decor

MASTERPIECE OF MEMORIES Home décor is a topic I frequently blog about. Today, I'm going to share tips on incorporating your travels into your home décor to create a masterpiece instead of a mess! READ: The Fine Art of Outdoor Dining in Santa Ba...

Jun 182015

How to embrace your own personal interior design style in your home

I've dedicated a lot of posts to your home's interior design style. Today I ask: Are you losing yourself for the sake of being on trend? According to a new story in Realty Times, "How to Be On Trend Without Losing Your Personal Style," when it comes...

Apr 242015

Having Sweet Dreams in a Bedroom Sanctuary

Are you sleeping in a bedroom sanctuary? Or does your bedroom actually prevent you from getting your recommended 8-hours a night? The subject of sleep is increasingly recognized as important to public health, with sleep insufficiency linked to motor ...

Feb 122015

Romantic Rooms to Fall In Love In, Not With

When considering creating romantic rooms, many designers surprisingly think comfort and safety, creating a space to fall in love in, not with. The Wall Street Journal interviewed five luxury home designers to share their favorite luscious spaces, and...

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