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Jun 232015

How developers are courting pet loving home hunters

My clients and friends know that I am a real dog lover so it's not surprising that a recent Wall Street Journal article about how developers are courting pet loving home hunters caught my attention. "Where a Dog's Life Means Luxury Living, Develop...

May 292015

Top 10 real estate trends sparked by the millennial generation

The millennial generation is changing the landscape of the real estate world, from home buying to design. Loosely defined as those born between the early 1980s and early 2000s, Millennials number between 80 million and 90 million. It's the largest gr...

Mar 52015

Tree House Builders in Santa Barbara Take Note!

Tree house builders in Santa Barbara are taking note as Dom'Up takes the tree house to new heights. It's an innovative structure that's easy to install and leaves no trace or impact on its surrounding environment and trees. Featuring a lightweight 17...

Feb 32015

How are declining oil prices good for real estate?

While most Americans are thrilled by declining oil prices creating up to a 50% reduction in the cost of gas at the pump, many homeowners and buyers are asking "How are declining oil prices good for real estate?" At the same time, experts are speculat...

Sep 252014

Luxury Homes Priced to Sell at $30 million

A recent story in the Wall Street Journal has some very interesting news about sales of luxury homes. Data from says luxury homes are selling at a faster rate than they were selling last year at this time. But that's not the entire story....

Jun 272014

How will the rest of the real estate recovery play out?

Want to know how the rest of the real estate recovery will play out? Here's what the experts are saying based on surveys and interviews with real estate developers, investors, lenders, servicers and builders: 1) Real estate recovery still hinges on ...

May 72013

Housing Recovery: Threats Remain

The recent drop in foreclosure rates to 2007 lows, combined with climbing home sales and prices (as seen in Santa Barbara real estate!), are a reflection that the real estate market is continuing to gain ground. Threats remain, however. What are they...

Apr 112013

Lenders More Upbeat About Housing Recovery

It's true, lenders are more upbeat about the direction of the housing recovery The housing recovery continues: more than 70% of lenders surveyed said home prices are "rising at a sustainable pace," according to a quarterly survey of U.S. bank pro...

Jul 112012

Santa Barbara Real Estate: Rebounding Riviera

If you have read my June Newsletter and are seeking additional information regarding the Santa Barbara Real Estate Market the article Santa Barbara Real Estate: Rebounding Riviera is an excellent place to start. For several months now I have bee...

Jun 82012

Santa Barbara Luxury Real Estate

In Santa Barbara we may be used to the term May grey but the Santa Barbara Luxury Real Estate market  it is anything but grey with buyers continuing to be active and inventory continuing Aprils trend.  For the month of May sales are up 40% with 47...

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