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Dec 312019

2020 Brings New California Laws

INCLUDING ONE WRITTEN BY SANTA BARBARA SENATOR HANNAH-BETH JACKSON There are hundreds of new California laws set to go into effect in 2020, including an important one for women, authored by Santa Barbara’s Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson. Others...

Jul 172019

Housing Market Predictions: Moving Forward in 2019

FORBES ASKS 6 EXPERTS Forbes Magazine recently asked 6 industry experts to share their housing market predictions for the remainder of 2019. According to the article, despite earlier suggestions that a buyer’s market is on the horizon, sellers ar...

May 182018

The Housing Market: Is This the Most Competitive in Recorded History?

Experts say, “Yes” Rising real estate costs, demographic shifts, and low inventory has combined to create the most competitive housing market in recorded history. Underbuilding is also a key factor, due to rising costs, labor shortages, and zon...

Aug 282017

Good news for Santa Barbara Homeowners

The numbers tell a positive story for next-door Southern California Santa Barbara homeowners, listen up! I just read an article in the Los Angeles Times that home prices have hit record highs in many corners of neighboring Southern California. And t...

Aug 252017

The Next Hot Commodity in Santa Barbara Real Estate: Agrihoods?

Taking the idea of farm-to-table to the next level Although the definition of "agrihoods" is evolving, the Urban Land Institute currently defines them as "master planned or residential communities built with a working farm as a focus." Agrihoods ...

Jul 282016

Santa Barbara Real Estate Market Trends

It's time to take a look at the market update for Santa Barbara County for the second quarter of 2016. Good news: Santa Barbara real estate market trends indicate real estate prices in Santa Barbara County increased by 2%. That represents the fifth s...

Jul 192016

Is Pokémon Go Transforming Santa Barbara?

According to an article in, Pokémon Go is transforming millions of people's relationships to where they live, including those who reside right here in Santa Barbara. How? By getting thousands of young people out and about, checking out ou...

Jun 282016

Brexit: 7 Ways You Might Profit

By now we all know what Brexit means: it marks the day that the British electorate voted to leave the European Union, defying prognosticators and the establishment. An EU recession has likely been triggered. The U.S. Fed is rumored to be considering ...

Mar 252016

The Strength of the Dollar is Nothing to Worry About

I just read an article in Bloomberg Business suggesting the Fed stop worrying about the strength of the dollar. In fact, a new report from Goldman Sachs Group Inc. suggests our U.S. currency poses little threat to the Fed's inflation goals. This new...

Nov 122015

New trend: High-end home communities built around nature preserves

According to the Wall Street Journal, a growing number of high-end home communities are being built around large nature preserves. Why, you ask? Because today's developers see nature preserves as relatively low-cost amenities that are highly valued b...

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