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Mar 262020

How to Increase Home Value

8 TIPS FOR MONTECITO HOMEOWNERS FROM HGTV Whether you’re selling a Montecito Luxury Estate, Hope Ranch ocean view estate or a Santa Barbara home there are things you, as a seller, can do to increase home value. We’ve all heard the phrase a ...

Mar 72020

Selling Luxury Real Estate in Santa Barbara

7 TIPS TO “SOLD” IN THE LUXURY MARKET Selling Luxury Real Estate in Santa Barbara requires a different approach than that used when selling a more modest piece of real estate. While I have the knowledge and contacts to help in the sale of a mo...

Feb 202020

6 Do’s and Don’ts of Home Renovations

CAN RENOVATIONS HELP OR HARM WHEN IT COMES TIME TO SELL? Before beginning their next home renovation, Montecito homeowners should think twice. Sometimes, the home they own and love needs specific home improvements, due to a structural flaw, aging ...

Oct 172019

The Wellness Lifestyle is Spurring a Wellness Real Estate Trend

CAN THE RIGHT HOME IN THE RIGHT PLACE HELP YOU LIVE A HEALTHIER LIFE? You’ve probably followed real estate trends and maybe follow a wellness lifestyle, but are you aware of today’s wellness real estate trend? Developers believe the multibillion...

Oct 32019

Real Estate Investing: Still the Best Choice Anyone Can Make

SEE WHY 4 MILLIONAIRES AGREE Over the last two centuries, about 90% of the world’s millionaires have created their wealth through real estate investing. That statistic was first cited by Billionaire Andrew Carnegie. READ: 6 Ways to Build Wealth...

Apr 62018

2018 Home Prices Keep Growing. Economists Say There’s No End in Sight

The seller's market continues, especially here in California I searched the internet to find out what leading economists say about the fact that home prices keep growing; wondering if the market will continue this trend throughout 2018. And the answ...

Apr 32018

The Future of Real Estate: Think Globally

6 predictions for 2020 . . . and beyond Experts predict the future of real estate will change considerably over the next six years and beyond. Those changes in light of the fact that consumer confidence has returned to the real estate arena. The ...

Mar 192018

Is a New Housing Crunch on The Horizon?

Experts say "Yes", citing fewer homes being built in America as one reason for the new housing crunch The job market is strong, the stock market is setting new records and wages are rising, so why is America facing a new housing crunch? According to...

Jan 102018

6 Predictions for the 2018 Housing Market

Experts share 6 predictions for the 2018 housing market including lower home price growth, continued inventory issues, and evolving design trends. According to the latest report from, experts share 6 predictions for the 2018 housing mar...

Nov 22017

Housing Inventory Reaches a 20-Year Low

As boomers decide to stay put, so are approximately 33 million properties, blocking the path to entry for millennials and first-time home buyers Housing inventory has hit a 20-year low as the appeal of McMansions wanes and Baby Boomers grow increa...

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