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Apr 142015

Smartwatch lets you know when you’re stressed out

Imagine a smartwatch that not only tells time, but also let's you know when you're stressed out. In my recent blog, "Meet the Apple Watch," I introduced you to the long-anticipated smartwatch that will be available in stores on April 24. Today, I am ...

Apr 92015

The Internet of Things and Real Estate

What does the Internet of Things mean for the real estate industry? That's a good question, especially in light of the growing web of connectivity among people, devices, and even homes. Concerns are mounting that the coming decade may mean security b...

Dec 302014

Are talking streetlights in our future?

Imagine a world where talking streetlights and lampposts can double as 911 operators. This urban prophecy could be here sooner than you think. In my blog post about smart kitchens that can help sell a home, I uncovered the latest and greatest state-...

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