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Sep 192017

The Most Expensive iPhone: Have Your Heard About It?

The $1,000+ iPhone X touted as the most feature-rich iPhone Imagine owning the most expensive iPhone yet. You'd want it to have the new OLED screen because it has an astonishing one-million-to-one contrast ratio, plus you'd want your expensive phone...

Jan 272017

Is 2017 the Year of The Smart Home?

Consumers Embrace Smart Home Technology In a previous blog, I answered the question, "What is a Smart Home?" According to an article on CNBC, today's homebuyers are embracing high-tech home gadgets like never before; figuring out how to integrate th...

Oct 212016

What is a Smart Home? What is Zoe? And What Are the Latest Smart Home Devices?

In a recent post, I essentially answered the question "What is a Smart Home?" by introducing, Zoe, an amazing hub that brings all your smart home technologies together. According to an article in, Zoe is being joined by more smart home ga...

Mar 312016

The Smart Home Hub of the Future is Here: Meet Zoe

I just read an article in regarding ZOE, a new crowdfunded device by Protonet designed to offer data security like no other in today's increasingly crowded smart home market. This new smart home hub offers homeowners a safe and elegant w...

Nov 242015

Best Online Black Friday Deals For Your Home

As you can see from this infographic, more people are shopping online these days, even on Black Friday. Retailers are noticing the trend. In fact, this year the best deals for your home can be found online. Here are six sites to check out in 2015 f...

Oct 252015

Dog vs Robot for Home Security

In a recent blog, I showcased leading home security systems asking which one is right for you. Today, I am going to look at the controversy over dog vs robot for home security. The topic came to my attention when I found out about a robot guard dog ...

Apr 142015

Smartwatch lets you know when you’re stressed out

Imagine a smartwatch that not only tells time, but also let's you know when you're stressed out. In my recent blog, "Meet the Apple Watch," I introduced you to the long-anticipated smartwatch that will be available in stores on April 24. Today, I am ...

Apr 92015

The Internet of Things and Real Estate

What does the Internet of Things mean for the real estate industry? That's a good question, especially in light of the growing web of connectivity among people, devices, and even homes. Concerns are mounting that the coming decade may mean security b...

Dec 302014

Are talking streetlights in our future?

Imagine a world where talking streetlights and lampposts can double as 911 operators. This urban prophecy could be here sooner than you think. In my blog post about smart kitchens that can help sell a home, I uncovered the latest and greatest state-...

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