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Aug 202019

Luxury Home Products for Montecito Homeowners

7 NEW PRODUCTS YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT As technology advances, so do luxury home products. While product launches are nothing new, many of the latest products and gadgets to hit the market today are designed specifically to make everyday chores mor...

Jun 112019

10 Home Security Tips

KEEPING YOUR HOME SAFE WHILE YOU’RE ON VACATION Today, it’s more important than ever that homeowners take an active role in protecting their most valuable asset and belongings – especially while they’re away from home. And luckily, there are...

Apr 52019

Home Design: Technology and Trends for 2019 and Beyond

11 DEVELOPMENTS INFLUENCING ARCHITECTURE Many of the new, cutting-edge architecture trends evolving or already here are capable of complementing the interior and exterior home design in Montecito and Santa Barbara. They can, and often do, impact bot...

Feb 262019

Technology and Privacy: Are They Mutually Exclusive?

TECHNOLOGY CAN RADICALLY ADVANCE OUR FREEDOMS . . . AND COMPROMISE OUR PRIVACY By now, we all know the benefits of home technology. But, are your smart devices invading your privacy? National and international laws have not yet caught up with priva...

Feb 152019

Going Solar? Facts and Figures to Help You Decide

WHEN GOING SOLAR, A LITTLE KNOWLEDGE GOES A LONG WAY Considering going solar in 2019? That’s good for both you and the environment. Experts report that making the switch from fossil fuel could potentially cut air pollution by 90%. But that’s not...

Jan 222019

The Best Smart Home Devices For 2019

5 NEW, INTELLIGENT GADGETS YOU'LL WANT TO PURCHASE  A plethora of the best smart home devices was unveiled at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this year. That’s the annual trade show, organized by the Consumer Technology Association and h...

May 292018

Embracing Smart House Technology

5 easy ways to add smart house technology into your home By now, every homeowner should know about the importance of integrating smart house technology into their home. I’ve blogged about the topic several times including this one that answers t...

Apr 262018

Are Domestic Robots in Your Future? Amazon Hopes So

TESTING HAS ALREADY BEGUN IN HOMES Bloomberg reports that Amazon has been quietly working on a new project that could have big implications: domestic robots. The retail and cloud computing giant embarked on the ambitious, top-secret plan a few years...

Feb 262018

Smart Speakers: Which One is Right for You?

What to Look for When Buying Smart Speakers If you haven't already jumped on the smart speaker bandwagon, then listen up. These devices work just fine as a way to play music from your smartphone or the cloud. But that's not all. When you talk to a s...

Sep 192017

The Most Expensive iPhone: Have Your Heard About It?

The $1,000+ iPhone X touted as the most feature-rich iPhone Imagine owning the most expensive iPhone yet. You'd want it to have the new OLED screen because it has an astonishing one-million-to-one contrast ratio, plus you'd want your expensive phone...

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