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Jul 282015

Fantastical Floating Homes: What do you think of them?

Designers and property developers today are taking their projects to sea and creating fantastical floating homes. We're not referring to your average houseboat here; in fac,t these aquatic dream homes are much more than the typical luxury yacht. Som...

Oct 102014

6 hot trends in today’s luxury homes

Beyond the great room, soaring, vaulted ceilings, amazing views and high-end communities, today's luxury homes must stand out from the crowd. That's why developers of homes and communities designed for upper echelon buyers are pulling out all the sto...

Aug 52014

The 3 hottest architecture trends can be found in Santa Barbara

Here's another reason to love living in Santa Barbara: today's 3 hottest architecture trends can be found here: Pre-WWII. These homes can be Victorians including California Missions, Greek Revivals and Tudors. Actually just about any home built w...

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