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Jun 62014

The future of mortgage rates

Are you concerned about the future of mortgage rates? Are you confused about the actual condition of the US economy today? I've researched the most recent data for you that show mortgage rates dodged a bullet this week, ending a 5-day losing strea...

May 232014

Mortgage rates remain far below economist’s predictions

Today's mortgage rates remain far below economist's predictions at the beginning of 2014. As we rang in the New Year, experts rang out an alarm saying the 30-year mortgage rate would rise to at least 5%. These economists based their warning on the Fe...

May 122014

Federal Reserve optimistic about housing market

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen remains optimistic when it comes to our U.S. economy and says a rebound in spending and production in the housing market is already underway. "While we have seen substantial improvements in labor market conditions ...

Apr 42014

96% of Real Estate Markets Are Better Off Today

Did you know that 96% of US counties are better off today then they were four years ago when it comes to the real estate market? That information comes from RealtyTrac, a real estate information company and online marketplace for foreclosed and def...

Feb 52014

Is the 30-year mortgage a thing of the past?

According to a recent story in The Wall Street Journal, the 30-year mortgage is no longer a popular choice, especially among affluent buyers. Why? It's simple: lower rates mean borrowers can save thousands of dollars in interest. (more…)...

Jan 222014

California’s home prices rose; sales declined in December

According to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times, California's home prices rose while the number of home sales declined to a six-year low in December. What does this mean to you, the seller? It indicates that there is still a limited supply of ...

May 232013

Real Estate Prices Rising Across the Country

There have been numerous articles in recent months about the surge in home prices, so lets take a deeper look into some of the numbers and see what is happening in various parts of the US, including the Santa Barbara area, and why prices are rising a...

Apr 112013

Land Prices Rise as Builders Scramble for Lots

An improving housing market is creating a sharper increase in land prices and "creating big profits for land investors, but putting pressure on builders to further increase the price of new homes," The Wall Street Journal reports. Land values acr...

Jul 212012

Prices Continue To Rise & Inventories Continue To Fall

Are you happy that prices continue to rise? In today's real estate market, prices continue to rise as inventories continue to fall. Over the past several weeks there have been a number of articles from various sources, including my blog on that sub...

May 222012

Real Estate Affordability

In today's market place the decision is not whether or where to by but should I buy. There has been a continuing trend over the past two plus years for people who have either lost their home to foreclosure or sold out ahead of the downward market pla...

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