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Jun 182021

The Santa Barbara Real Estate Market Continues to Skyrocket

LOCAL REAL ESTATE DEMAND IS, IN A WORD, RELENTLESS The Santa Barbara real estate market is continuing to surge, with prices soaring, even as more inventory hits the MLS. In May of 2021, Santa Barbara home sales shot up 61.3% compared to last year, s...

Jun 172021

Santa Barbara’s New Normal: Post-COVID Restriction Statistics, Resources and Wellness

AS CALIFORNIA REOPENS, SANTA BARBARA IS READY FOR A SAFE AND PROSPEROUS SUMMER SEASON It finally happened. California has fully reopened after more than a year of total and partial COVID restrictions. Businesses in Montecito, Santa Barbara and all...

May 292021

How to Declutter Your Home: Tips From a Luxury Realtor

DECLUTTERING COMES WITH MANY BENEFITS It’s Good for Your Health! Decluttering your home is not a new concept, but how to declutter your home requires some careful thought and a bit of expertise. And a decluttered home isn’t simply good for ...

Apr 212021

Attention Vacation Rental Owners (and Potential Owners)!

SANTA BARBARA AND MONTECITO VACATION HOME RENTALS ARE IN DEMAND In the words of David Bowie and Mick Jagger, “the summer’s here and the time is right for dancing in the streets!” That sentiment couldn’t be truer right now for vacation rent...

Apr 142021

10 Common Home Buying Mistakes to Avoid

  THINK LIKE A SELLER, AND CALL A PRO If you were considering buying the property shown above, you’re out of luck. The buyers of my spectacular listing, a Taste of European Modernist Design in Birnam Wood, did everything a buyer should do to be ...

Apr 102021

The Home Inspection: What Every Buyer Needs to Know

WHAT INSPECTORS SHOULD INSPECT, AND THE HOMEBUYER SHOULD EXPECT For most buyers, a home inspection can be both reassuring and exhausting. It is possibly the first chance a buyer has to go inside the home after they have made an offer. But more imp...

Apr 32021

Celebrating the Spring Real Estate Market

8 REASONS TO LIST YOUR SANTA BARBARA HOME NOW! If you’re considering listing your home in any of the upscale communities in Santa Barbara, take note: the spring real estate market is traditionally the best time to sell your house. Whenever possi...

Apr 12021

The Sweet Spot for Luxury Homebuyers: Not Too Big, Not Too Small

LUXURY HOMEBUYERS TAKE A CUE FROM GOLDILOCKS As affluent Americans reconsider their priorities amid the pressures of COVID-19, a sweet spot has emerged for luxury homebuyers. When it comes to square footage, midsize homes are selling faster than ...

Feb 262021

A Luxury Realtor’s Homebuyer Guide to Property Easements

WHAT ARE PROPERTY EASEMENTS AND HOW DO THEY IMPACT SANTA BARBARA HOMEBUYERS? This comprehensive home buyer guide to property easements offers a comprehensive knowledge base for buyers to refer to prior to entering into escrow. Its primary message:...

Feb 172021

Luxury Home Sales: U.S. Demand for $1 Million-Plus Homes Hits All Time High

ARE LUXURY HOME SALES THE SILVER LINING OF COVID-19? More homebuyers are searching for properties listed for $1 million or more these days, as the pandemic continues to create an appetite for larger properties. People are looking to ride out the rem...

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