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Buyer’s Remorse Keeping You Awake?

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If Buyer’s Remorse, or even Seller’s Remorse is Keeping You Awake, Here are Some Remedies

Sleep, or lack of it, is such an important topic that I’ve blogged about it before, but I’ve never looked at how buyer’s remorse or second-guessing the sale of your home can trigger sleep problems. If this is you, give yourself a little time and follow these simple tricks from sleep experts:

  • Listen to music
    The right kind of music can lull you to sleep. There are many apps that offers music specifically made to help listeners get some much needed rest. Try one.
  • Make your bedroom soundproof
    Simply replacing single-pane windows with double-or triple-pane glass can be just the ticket to a quiet space. Here’s a list of local window installation companies that can get the job done.
  • Get rid of ambient sounds
    Believe it or not, filling your home with accessories will prevent noise from traveling. Think heavy draperies and plush rugs. Vinyl, fiberglass and wood also have properties that can cancel ambient sounds.
  • Add a familiar sound
    Experts say our subconscious mind needs to tune into something even in our sleep. So why not block unwanted noise with something familiar like a fan or white noise.
  • Move your bed
    Determine where the unwanted noise is coming from and move your bed accordingly.
  • Block the light
    Your sleep can be disturbed by too much light. This is an easy one to fix with blinds or blackout curtains.
  • Add a water feature to your room
    The soothing sound of water can be the perfect distraction to help you fall asleep. Get a Zen indoor fountain or install a waterfall. Even a fish tank can help.
  • Sleep sound machines
    You have your choice of a variety of sound machines designed to lull you to sleep. The National Sleep Foundation recommends the Dohm by Marpac ($49.95). This machine helps block noise with the gentle sound of rushing air.
  • Use earplugs
    Earplugs work, as long as you find some that fit your ear without falling out in the middle of the night.

The bottom line when experiencing sleep deprivation due to home buyer’s remorse, seller’s remorse, or any other cause for that matter: figure out which of these sleep remedies work for you.


If it’s finding your dream home that’s keeping you awake at night, check out my amazing listings in Montecito, Hope Ranch or any of Santa Barbara’s upscale communities. If you’re fretting about selling, call me at 805.886.9378 or email me at I’ll happily add your listing to my portfolio of fine homes in the area and find your new dream home for your family to make your dreams come true!


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