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Wellness Living and Wellness Real Estate: The Next Trillion-Dollar Trend?

This Extraordinary Modernist Masterpiece incorporates some of today’s important wellness trends. It is currently for sale from leading realtor Cristal Clarke.

According to the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), thanks to COVID-19, the current emphasis on wellness living has turned the wellness real estate trend into a thriving, comprehensive $134 billion global market. Putting people’s health at the center of design and creation spans developments internationally, including right here in Santa Barbara.

We who are fortunate to live here are already ahead of this trend. Our homes and estates, like my new listing, an Extraordinary Modernist Masterpiece pictured above, incorporate some of today’s important wellness trends. As you will see, wellness living is built right into the captivating home, designed by esteemed architect Jan Hochhauser, in collaboration with the visionary NYC interior designer Barbara Hauben Ross.

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This wellness real estate trend was already gaining in popularity prior to the global pandemic, but the significant health threat only supercharged consumer interest and sales. The earlier lockdown, combined with the new trend of working from home has encouraged homeowners to put the health of their abode front and center. Now, more than ever, more people understand the impact that our built environment has on our physical and mental health.

That realization has led to a new crop of homes purposely built for wellness living. Think nature and sustainability; something we have always prized here in Santa Barbara. Even more, home buyers are looking for estates with wellness programming, tackling hygiene and safety via architecture.

According to the GWI, wellness real estate is moving from elective to essential, making it one of the world’s mega-trends. The organization, on a mission to empower wellness worldwide, predicted back in 2018 that wellness real estate would become the fastest-growing sector through 2022; growing to $198 billion. That estimate may be too low despite of, or because of the pandemic. Builders are keeping health in mind from the start and are including wellness in their projects from the ground up. Plus, consumers have a wealth of incredibly sophisticated wellness products to choose from on the market.

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Even more, communities are embracing the wellness living trend, just like we do here in Santa Barbara. Things like private steam rooms and infrared saunas are not only for the rich and famous anymore. Developers in all real estate sectors are creating a more inclusive concept of wellness that includes remaking our homes/built environment post-COVID, focusing on the vital role that communities, businesses, and governments play.

The Santa Barbara Public Health Department offers locals a blueprint in creating a safe community through a wealth of information and programs. Plus, our residents are naturally community focused as illustrated by our many wellness-focused businesses from the Santa Barbara Wellness Center, which facilitates a wealth of options, from health and wellness educational programs and PSLF certification, to Yoga and Meditation classes.

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A great room with lots of windows to allow healthy sunshine inside

What Is Wellness Real Estate?

Research shows that 99% of Americans think that a healthy home is important. Things like the spa bathroom pictured above from my Modernist listing in Romero Canyon is a prime example of a built-in wellness amenity. Practicing self-care during difficult times or happy ones is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

But not everyone has a built-in spa bathroom. Not to worry. There are several easy ways to make your home a mecca of wellness living.

Take Your Shoes Off
The small step of taking your shoes off when you enter your home has big benefits. Many homeowners are already practicing this simple way to keep toxins outside. Things like pesticides and feces, responsible for e. Coli, C. diff, and more can latch onto your shoes and be tracked inside your home. Do your home a favor and take off your shoes. And those guests you don’t want to be rude to? Just politely ask them to take their shoes off. After all, it is your house.

People often ask, “But what about repair and other service folks who come in my home?” There’s an answer for them: booties. Disposable shoe covers can be found at any home and building supply store, online via Amazon, etc., and you can even find stylish ones at the website All Things Real Estate.

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Change Your Air Filters Regularly
Another easy and important wellness home tip is to change your air filters regularly. When it comes to keeping yourself healthy, changing your air filters helps reduce negative health impacts from air toxins and can even help with allergies. Those who suffer from asthma, COPD, or other respiratory conditions will reap major rewards.

Water Quality
While water quality varies from source to source, in California, we have laws regarding the maximum containment levels, which are enforceable regulatory levels under the Safe Drinking Water Act. Still, residents are encouraged to use a filter system for their drinking water to prevent contamination by both natural and human factors. Natural influences include the layers of rock and soil surrounding an aquifer or surface conveyance, which determine the types and amount of minerals found in surface water or groundwater. Human impacts on water quality result from such activities as urbanization such as stormwater runoff, agricultural irrigation, direct disposal of wastewater into waterways, and more.

A prime example of a spa bathroom with a soaking tub

The Value of Natural Light
There is no arguing about the health value of natural light, which we have in abundance thanks to our perfect Mediterranean weather. Natural light, as shown above in the great room of my Modernist Masterpiece listing, is known to boosts vitamin D, a critical nutrient that prevents bone loss and can ward off seasonal depression. Plus, since mental health and sleep go hand in hand, lots of natural light during the day can actually help improve your sleep.

The bottom line: it is apparent the world is looking at what we Santa Barbarians have always prized, namely, creating a pure, health-optimizing “home biome,” through air and water purification and natural light. Are you ready to look into wellness living through real estate and move to a new home in any of Santa Barbara’s amazing communities? Give me a call at (805) 886-9378 or email me at Cristal@Montecito-Estate. Now is a great time to make a move to wellness living.


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