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Tips for Green Moving

move green graphicIt’s not surprising that more and more people are going green in their everyday lives, but what about green moving? That means moving while limiting your contribution to waste. Sound impossible? It is not only possible, but also it’s easy. All it takes is a little extra planning and preparation, but in the end, it will make you feel better that you’ve helped the environment.
“The average move that uses 50 of our green boxes can save 20 trees, 40 gallons of fuel, 150 gallons of drinkable water,” explains Spencer Brown, CEO—and self-proclaimed Chief Treehugger—at “More importantly, it removes over 150 pounds of hard to recycle plastic from the landfill and prevents cardboard and packing materials from entering landfills. When you think about all of the moves across America, just having 3% of the moves go green is a massive reduction in trash.”
Here in Santa Barbara, the choice to move green is a real no-brainer thanks to Movegreen, a local moving company voted best in the business by the Santa Barbara Independent five years in a row. The business strives to implement as many green practices as possible when it comes to moving; from using bio-diesel trucks and going paperless, to planting 10 trees with every move as well as utilize recyclable and sustainable packing materials.
Besides contracting a green moving company, here are a couple tips to help you move a little greener:green moving boxes
1) Reusuable containers. Rent green boxes instead of wasting your time and money on the cardboard kind. Americans have been using cardboard to move for the last 100 years without understanding the total economic and environmental impact. When you rent them, the same box will be used over and over again, which is good news for our expanding landfills.
2) Get rid of stuff. Purge and donate household goods to the local charity of your choice instead of simply throwing them out. Not only is that good for the environment, but it also helps those in need.
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