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Is Your Baby Sleeping in a SNOO Bassinet?


Mom and Dad looking at their new baby sleeping in a SNOO

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New parents have so many things to consider when they bring their bundle of joy home. Not the least of which is an appropriate baby bed, preferably one that will make bedtime restful for both parents and baby. That’s where the SNOO bassinet comes into the picture. Because let’s face it, all too many new parents end up in the throes of infant-induced insomnia. That’s where the SNOO bassinet comes into the picture.

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While Doctor Spock popularized the swaddle and simple techniques for soothing infants, pediatrician, parenting expert and modern-day inventor-slash-entrepreneur, Dr. Harvey Karp, has taken the idea to new heights. Karp and his then-wife, Nina Montée, invented SNOO, a high-tech baby bassinet originally designed to combat the issue of infant colic. The condition is defined as when healthy babies cry for more than three hours a day, at least three days a week, in the first three months of life. After raising $10 million in 2015, with additional investment from celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, Scarlett Johansson, and Zoe Saldana, SNOO’s parent company arrived, with an additional $23 million in funding last December. And the SNOO bassinet has taken off!

Happy baby sleeping in a SNOO Coincidentally, the original idea came to Karp at the same time a wave of connected baby technology hit the market. That coincided with many founders of tech companies reaching their child-rearing age. One could say it all happened as Silicon Valley turned its attention to equipping anxious parents with everything they might need to care for their bundles of joy: namely night-vision cameras, feeding trackers, heartbeat monitors, tiny wearables that were essentially infant lo-jack devices, and cribs equipped with sensors that could detect everything from a hungry wail to a soiled diaper. The tech companies believed the key was to have all the information necessary to care for baby be delivered to a new parent’s phone, neatly curated in an app. And the SNOO bassinet does just that.

What is SNOO?
SNOO is a responsive baby bassinet that is purported to boost a baby’s sleep by combining gentle rocking with soothing white noise and snug, safe swaddling. According to its literature, SNOO is the safest rocking baby bed ever made. Watch how it work in this video.

As you’ll see, besides featuring an awesome design that fits with practically any interior decorating theme, this bed can reportedly reduce crying while boosting sleep, which, in turn, means more sleep for formerly exhausted parents. SNOO is outfitted with a motor, microphones, and Wi-Fi, and, of course, an app. But the SNOO bassinet comes with something that no other sleep-monitoring gadget offers: baby-sleep celebrity Dr. Karp, whose 2002 book The Happiest Baby on the Block spawned a multimillion-dollar empire.

The SNOO bassinet features these baby bed tech specs:

  • A unique drivetrain designed for maximum performance. (We’re talking 10 million cycles of continuous movement.)
  • No springs or gears that can wear out or become noisy.
  • Multiple microphones with advanced audio processing to precisely detect the source of the sound.
  • Three distinct white noise sounds specially engineered to calm crying or enhance sleep.
  • 4 GHz wireless, 802.11 b/g/n with separate control switch.
  • Custom BLDC motor optimized for low speed and high torque with multiple feedback mechanisms for precise motor control
  • Responsive ambient light sensor for adjustment of LED intensity
  • Organic fitted sheet and 3 SNOO Sacks made with organic cotton
  • Bed size: 30” L × 16” W × 32” H (with legs); Weight: 38 lb.

How Does SNOO Work?
Ideally, when the baby cries, SNOO gets to work by wiggling and playing a swooshing noise. For those interested, Karp’s very own white noise sounds are available as an MP3 for $7.95 to go with the $1,300.00 bassinette. After 60 seconds of crying, a message is dispatched to parents via the app that the baby needs human attention. The bed also offers parents a unique bonus feature: a velcroid, elastic swaddle that’s secured with straps to the bed itself, so the baby cannot rollover.

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“The bed will calm babies in under a minute 50% of the time,” says Karp. “But the other 50% of the time the bed won’t do anything. What it allows you to do is get one to two hours more sleep so you’re a better mom [or dad] during the day.”

New parents can supposedly rest easy because SNOO features the following highlights, again according to the literature:

  • Gently rocks babies up to 6 months, both during naptime and nighttime, to help your baby learn the art of sleeping.
  • Chooses the best motion: slow swing for sleep, faster jiggles for upsets
  • Dual mesh walls maximize comfort, safety, and breathability
  • SNOO’s easy “5-second swaddle” is safe and never unravels
  • Protective swaddle wings keep your baby safely on the back, as long as they’re used as directed
  • SNOO also has a gradual weaning feature which makes for easy transition to the crib
  • The device chooses the best white noise for your baby from soft rain for sleep, womb sound if crying
  • Think of it as your own personal night nurse…The SNOO is there to help 24/7!

Why do Montecito parents need this slick, motorized gadget?
Not convinced yet? Just Google the word SNOO and you’ll find hundreds of YouTube reviews and Instagram posts about it; all bedazzled with triumphant emojis. Or, try it out and see for yourself since the company offers a free 30-day trial. Plus, you can choose to rent or buy the world’s most awarded baby bed. And best of all, Montecito mommies and daddies will possibly get their much-deserved sleep!

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Since parenting is one of the greatest joys in life, don’t let sleep deprivation make you miss any minute with your bundle of joy. If you’re pregnant, remember that using the SNOO bassinet for the first six months of your baby’s life might just be another way to be a better parent.

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