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The Smart Home Hub of the Future is Here: Meet Zoe

Zoe Smart Home Hub

Source: Protonet Zoe Smart Home Hub

I just read an article in regarding ZOE, a new crowdfunded device by Protonet designed to offer data security like no other in today’s increasingly crowded smart home market. This new smart home hub offers homeowners a safe and elegant way to safely connect their smart home devices together. Simple to set up, you don’t need to know much about IT or data services to get started. Zoe is not like any other smart home device on the market today because it isn’t connected to the cloud or any server. This means that Zoe offers homeowners an increased level of data security.

Currently, in pre-order for $199 and up, the device offers voice recognition, compatibility with the leading smart home devices via Bluetooth, W-Lan, and Z-Wave protocols. And there’s more: Zoe also offers homeowners customizable Art Covers designed to make the device look like part of any room. No more plastic box hidden from sight. Instead, Zoe comes with a series of Drop speakers to position throughout your home and link to the hub. Once set up, Zoe’s voice-activated control will be ready to go.

Zoe is an easy way for homeowners to begin setting up their smart home. It offers numerous advantages over smart home hub competitors, including the ability to work when the cloud and connectivity are compromised.

“There’s going to be an organic movement towards data, and people will gain the importance of data and what they can do with it,” explains Ali Jelveh, CEO of the Hamburg, Germany-based startup Protonet. “Zoe wants to make you an equal player in the market.”

The bottom line: Zoe is the smart home hub that offers voice-activated control without sending commands or data outside the home where they can be stored, analyzed, or monetized.
Why not set up Zoe in your new home in Montecito, Hope Ranch or any of Santa Barbara’s upscale communities? Call me at 805.886.9378 or email me at and let’s discuss your options.

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