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Turn Your Home into a Self Care Sanctuary


MOntecito estate for sale to illustrate brining self car into your homeStress happens. One way to help conquer it is by turning your Montecito home into a self-care sanctuary. Forget about wine and chocolate—it’s all about setting the stage, engaging all your senses, decluttering, adding fresh plants, following a healthy diet and letting in lots of natural light.

Here’s your ultimate checklist to transform your home into a self care sanctuary brimming with good vibes:

  • A Welcoming Entryway Will Set the Stage
    I’ve said it before: you only have one chance to make a first impression. And it’s a fact—first impressions are everything. That is why it is so important to put effort into creating a welcoming entryway. Not just for guests. Create an inspirational entryway for yourself, too. Not only will an inviting entrance have a positive effect on your mood every time you step through the front door, but it can dramatically make others who walk into your home feel the good vibes you’ve created right away. A welcoming entryway is one of the best ways to signal your brain that you’re entering a safe, healthy space. Plus, it is super easy. Just add a functional console table at your front door along with some green accents and a congenial piece of art. Make this the spot to leave your keys, sunglasses, shoes and anything else that stresses you out when you have to search for it.

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  • Don’t Forget the Sense of Smell
    Many homeowners forget about the power of the sense of smell. That’s why fragrance is an accessory that’s often overlooked in the design of a home. But just as important as your choice in furniture, lighting, and artwork, scent adds depth and character to your home. It can even transform the ambiance into an inviting and relaxing oasis.

According to, “Subtle and alluring, scent draws us to an environment before we are even aware of its existence.”

They suggest homeowners take their décor beyond the traditional by adding a multi-sensory experience. This company’s product line offers a wide range of options. Want to make you entire home smell good? Then consider their option that allows a particular scent to cover your entire home through your central heating and cooling systems. Just want to concentrate on a single room? They have the best products for that, too. Whatever you decide, remember, smell is the only sense directly linked to emotions and memories. That makes scent the most important facet of a home’s aesthetic.

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  • Add Fresh Greenery
    I can’t say enough positive things about adding fresh greenery to your home décor plans, especially here in Montecito and Santa Barbara. Our perfect Mediterranean weather gives almost everyone a green thumb.

    While most people agree that plants look nice, there are more reasons than just aesthetics to have them in your home. Plants can actually benefit your health in several ways. You may not be aware of the positive effect they can have on your home’s air quality. They can even help protect you against certain illnesses, according to Perhaps Einstein had many houseplants because according to Scientific American, indoor plants can actually make you smarter. 

Are you convinced? Then arrange a variety of plants in appropriate places in your home. Not only will they give your home a more natural feel resulting from bringing the outdoors inside, but you can also enjoy the mind/body benefits that come with it. 

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  • Dump Ultra Processed Foods
    The average American gets nearly 60% of their calories from ultra-processed foods. The number is in spite of the fact that in today’s world, avoiding processed food is easier than you think.

    Here are some tried and true ways. Simply avoid ingredients you can’t pronounce, as well as those you wouldn’t use in your own kitchen. Consider both of those to be red flags that the product is likely highly processed. Another good rule to follow is to avoid food with artificial dyes and sweeteners as well as refined grains. Or, just avoid anything that lists more than five ingredients on the label.  

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  • Throw Out The Heavy Drapery
    With so many Montecito homes offering amazing views, like the Spectacular Ocean View Estate pictured at the top of this blog, why not allow your squeaky-clean windows to let in that restorative natural light? While you’re at it, swap out any heavy drapes for dreamy sheer curtains.

    Explore all the choices at, where quality craftmanship meets original design. Then open those windows wide and let the light, and ocean breeze blow in. Ahh, talk about serene.

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  • Declutter and Bring on the Joy
    Do you know what triggers unnecessary stress? Clutter. In fact, clutter in its many forms can be a chronic source of stress and getting rid of it can make a person more focused, relaxed, and productive.

    Some psychologists today recognize that having a clean, organized home is an essential part of the wellness equation. So, start keeping a clean and tidy home by getting rid of anything you don’t need, and keeping the items you do need in their place. You’d be surprised how quickly it clears your head.

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  • Order TheraBox
    TheraBox is a one-of-a-kind self-care monthly subscription that delivers fresh new ingredients of happiness straight to your door. Founded by a practicing therapist, the products found in each box are curated based on her passion for the mechanics of the brain, and our ability to change it.

    TheraBox believes that self-care and self-love is that consistent action needed to create positive neural connections that can lead to a more positive life.

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These are just a few ways to turn your Montecito home into a self-care sanctuary. I’d love to hear about any others you follow. Just give me a call at +1 805.886.9378 or email me at You can also contact me if you’re considering selling your Montecito home or if you’re in the market for a new home or estate. I’ve earned a coveted place as a “Top 5” agent among Berkshire Hathaway’s 60,000 agents nationwide and am committed to excellence. Let me take care of you throughout the process while you concentrate on your own self care.


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