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Santa Barbara Yoga Studios in the Age of COVID-19


Senior couple doing Yoga at home thanks to Santa Barbara yoga studios..

The gifts of yoga are needed more today than ever before. But while Santa Barbara yoga studios stand empty, a rapid underground transformation is unfolding within the entire world of yoga. That transformation is the creation of online yoga classes. Not the streaming pre-recorded videos that have been around for a long time. Think interactive, where both teachers and students can see each other.

There’s no lack of audience while everyone is staying home. Live, online yoga classes are an excellent way to de-stress and get an antidote to the never-ending avalanche of grim news we face every day. And for yoga studios and teachers, it’s a welcome opportunity to stay in touch with students, while also generating some semblance of community.

Yoga’s New Darling – Zoom-Based Live, Interactive Yoga Classes

There are many live streaming services available, and most larger yoga studio chains are using those to keep their classes going. However, the app that has really taken the yoga world by storm is Zoom, an easy-to-use online service that offers the essential feature that neither recorded classes nor live streaming can: the ability to interact with students in real-time. The teacher can see the students and the students can see each other, similar to a normal yoga class. While not perfect, in a world of social distancing, Zoom-based yoga classes offer a welcome opportunity for people to connect, de-stress, and create some type of normalcy in their life.

 3 top local yoga studios offering Zoom classes:

Santa Barbara Yoga Center

The Santa Barbara Yoga Center is temporarily stepping out of the studio and offering a full menu of classes online. The mindful, community-based business is passionate about consistently providing excellent teaching, accessible classes, and a Yoga Home that welcomes all, body, mind and spirit. And the extensive list of classes available includes these new $5.00 virtual classes:

  • Weekend Wind-Down with Holly Sundays 9:00-9:25 pm
  • Pranayama & Meditation with Siddhi Mondays 10:00-10:25 am
  • Yoga 4 Health & Well Being with Kat Mon, Wed, Fri 12:15-12:45 pm
  • Active Stretch & Strength Yoga with Kat Mon, Wed, Fri 4:30-5:00 pm
  • Embracing Peace & Joy with Karin Tuesdays 12:15-12:45 pm
  • Pranayama for the Immune System with Eric Tues, Thurs 2:00-2:30 pm
  • Healing Our World with Karin Thursdays 12:15-12:45 pm

Mom and daughter doing yoga at home thanks to Santa Barbara yoga studios They are also offering a special Yoga For KIDS class on Wednesdays from 10:30-11:20 and a special Nurturing Therapeutic Practice to Support Immune Health along with a Free class regarding the Fundamentals of Yoga.

Power of Your Om

Power of Om is continually expanding their class offerings and resources to support residents and the Santa Barbara community as a whole. A favorite among Santa Barbara yoga studios, this popular one is offering one week of unlimited Livestream Yoga for FREE right now. The studio’s full menu of yoga classes are designed to give participants a full-body workout, reduce stress and anxiety, and motivate you to be the best version of yourself. The goal is to feel both empowered and inspired while creating an impact in your life through your yoga practice.

Man doing Yoga in his living room on Zoom with one of the Santa Barbara yoga studios

This studio follows The Baptiste Methodology which contains 53 poses, or asanas, that are linked together by connective momentum and consists of five classical pillars: Drishti (gaze), Ujjayi (breath), Bandhas (foundation), Tapas (heat) and Vinyasa (flow).

With the belief that there is a perfect process based on individuals, no matter what age, weight or fitness level, Baptiste Power Yoga is an intuitive practice that does not enforce any set of absolute rules. This style of yoga follows the natural laws of the body, which dictate balance and counterbalance, control and surrender, pose and repose, adaptation and acceleration. Students get all the benefits of the more traditional methods while still leaving room for creativity and play.

The mission of Baptiste Power Yoga is to make yoga accessible to everyone, from any background. Those looking for total physical, mental and emotional transformation will appreciate the practice. It is for everybody, no matter what level of fitness. Classes are purposefully challenging and active designed to catapult students from wherever they are right now to new levels of physical and mental power.

Yoga Nights

The popular Yoga Nights Spring 2020 class takes place Friday, April 10, from 7-8 pm live on Zoom. Each quarter, the Department of Recreation and Life of the Party host Yoga Nights, and they are not allowing COVID-19 to stop the Om.  This free, 60-minute yoga class can help locals de-stress, recharge, and get zenned out! Yoga Nights aims to increase mental and physical wellness among the community, and always draws a big turnout. No experience is necessary, and everyone is welcome. For beginners and yogis alike. 

Woman in the lotus posture outside in tall grass

Yoga U

You can also find many online classes at Yoga U, run by a group of people who are passionate about making the healing benefits of yoga more widely accessible. Behind the scenes at Yoga U are many teachers who have personally experienced the difference yoga can make in their own lives. With the belief that suffering and disease may be avoided if people simply learned to take better care of their bodies, Yoga U offers classes, an informational blog, and other resources.

The practice of yoga is a refuge in which to cultivate the tools and resources to be in graceful relationship with all that arises, come what may. And whether you are in the physical presence or not, your practice is with you and there for you.

If you’re considering moving to Santa Barbara or Montecito, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with our Santa Barbara yoga studios. These online classes are a great way to do that. For those homeowners who already live here and are considering selling to move to a different Santa Barbara area neighborhood, I’m here for you. Just give me a call at +1 (805) 886-9378 or contact me at  Let’s all Om together!


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