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Santa Barbara homeowners: now is the time to go solar!

solar powers home in santa barbaraIn a previous post, I discussed the many benefits Santa Barbara homeowners can enjoy when they decide to go solar. Today I am going to encourage you to act now because the renewable energy tax breaks are due to expire at the end of 2015.
Going solar is a practical solution for lowering monthly home energy bills and doing good by the environment. In fact, the U.S. places second in the world in annual carbon dioxide emissions at 17.9%, right behind China. You can go a long way in lowering your carbon footprint by replacing utility power with clean electricity from solar panels. But that’s not the only reason to go solar.
Adding solar energy will actually increase your home value. Solar panels will increase a home`s attractiveness on the market, similarly to homes with low property taxes, homes in school districts and homes with good Home Energy Ratings (a measurement of a energy efficiency). A study conducted by National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) concluded that homes with solar panels sell 20% faster and for 17% more money.
Solar panel manufacturers include a 20- to 25-year warranty (also known as a performance guarantee) with their solar panels. The industry standard guarantees 80% performance after 25 years.
The real lifespan of solar panels is much longer – your solar panels will likely generate a good amount of electricity 30-40 years down the line.
To review a list of local companies that can help Santa Barbara Homeowners go solar, check out this Yelp page. Meantime, if you are considering buying or selling a home in Santa Barbara, Hope Ranch, Montecito or any of the other surrounding upscale communities, please give me a call at 805.886.9378 or email me at

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