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Santa Barbara Hauntings

Santa Barbara Hauntings Over the years, Santa Barbara hauntings have been a popular attraction, especially at this time of the year. I thought I’d share some with you for Halloween:

  • Casa de la Guerra – The former residence of the 5th commandant of the Presidio de Santa Barbara, Jose de la Guerra y Noriega is now purportedly haunted by a mysterious woman in black. She often appears distressed and upset by anyone who sees her.
  • Santa Barbara Community College – Check out the grassy area closest to the ocean of Santa Barbara Community College. A lady in white reportedly haunts it. She often appears after sunset wearing a white flowy dress with her white shawl. Legend has her disappearing in a blue misty light or running towards the edge of the bluff and jumping off towards Shoreline Drive. Some believe she’s a Native American killed by Spanish soldiers. Others say she’s a woman who died while giving birth and now searches for the comfort of her husband. College students claim she committed suicide by running over the grassy area and diving off the bluff.
  • Santa Barbara Mission and Jail – Ghosts, monks and nuns supposedly haunt the Santa Barbara Mission. Believers have seen the ghost of a murdered woman manifest as a cold mist that haunts the nearby jail.
  • The Big Yellow House – Located in Summerland, a town founded by Spiritualists, this former restaurant is said to be haunted by multiple spirits. Beware, these spirits congregate down in the former wine cellar.
  • Painted Cave – ghostly voices recorded on tape, strange flute music, and ghostly orbs have been reported in this cave covered with pictographs. It is also believed that the cave was used as a hiding place for Native American rebels who led a guerrilla war against Spanish missionaries before being captured and executed.
  • Las Tres Hermanas – As you drive down this Montecito road, watch out for three ghostly nuns standing by the side of the road, arms crossed, dressed in black and white habits. These three sisters were supposedly tortured and killed by Native Americans, and have haunted the road ever since.

There are more Santa Barbara hauntings listed in an article in Weird California. The thrill of the unknown and the uncertain, the instant panic that arises at the sight or sound of the unusual, the pulse of your heart against your body: these are yours, if you dare to frequent these haunted places. Meantime, there are many exquisite homes for sale in the area that aren’t haunted (as far as we know). I would be happy to arrange a tour of property currently on the market in Montecito, Hope Ranch or any of Santa Barbara’s upscale communities. Just call me at 805.886.9378 or email me at Happy Halloween!

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