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Preparing Your Santa Barbara Home For Sale

There are several things sellers can do when preparing their homes for sale in order to make them more appealing to  buyers and minimize any negotiations over requests for buyer credits and potential legal actions. So, when you’re preparing your Santa Barbara home for sale, keep in mind these simple ideas:
1. If it isn’t working, fix it. If an appliance isn’t working simply inform your agent or leave a note for the building inspector advising them that this appliance doesn’t work. Being upfront tells an inspector you’re not trying to hide anything, so he or she won’t think you may be trying to conceal multiple problems. There’s no reason to leave them thinking “So, what else are they hiding?”
2. Clean Appliances. No inspector wants to have to empty a dishwasher or washer & dryer in order to inspect it, and I’m quite sure you don’t want a  stranger looking through your personal clothing items — and dirty ones to boot. Also make sure stove tops and ovens are clear and clean.
3. Accessibility. Make sure entrances to attics and crawl spaces are free of clutter and easily accessible. Don’t make the home inspector have to work to do his job.
4. Light Bulbs. If a light bulb isn’t working, change it. That way an inspector can determine there isn’t a potential problem with the electrical system. If  a bulb is not working the inspector doesn’t know if the problem is with the bulb, the fixture or the wall socket. The same rule applies to all bulbs in attics and crawl spaces.
5.  Septic System. If you have a septic system — as a surprising number of Montecito properties and other Santa Barbara area homes do — make sure to leave a map or sketch of its approximate location in order to save the buyer and his or her  inspector time and money.
If you are looking to upgrade your home prior to selling it, you might want to consider the following list of 8 upgrades that buyers consider the most appealing in their minds. The big 8 are:
Central Air Conditioning
New Kitchen Appliances
Walk-in Closet in Master Bedroom
Granite Counter Tops
Hardwood Floors
Master Bath en-suite
Kitchen Island
Stainless Steel Appliances
A comprehensive and informative compendium of related articles and tips from the National Association of Realtors is Field Guide to Preparing & Staging a House for Sale

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