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What to Get Your Husband for His Birthday: A Man Cave!

Man with pink pigs head in basement watching TV eating pizza and drinking beer to how man caveSkip the greeting card this year and give your husband what he really wants for his birthday: a man cave. Not to be confused by the She Shed, these special rooms, just for men, have become so popular there’s even a website devoted exclusively to them. In case your man deserves a room of his own, here are answers to questions surrounding the topic:

1) What is a Man Cave?
It’s a room or space designed for the man of the house to be used as his personal area for hobbies and leisure activities.
2) Where is it located?
The most common locations for this special space are in the basement, garage or an extra bedroom. Some Santa Barbara men build space for themselves in a shed. For married folks, or couples who choose to live together, it’s usually a space within the house. If you’re single or living by yourself, it’s usually your entire living space. It’s your bachelor pad by another name.
3) What do Men do in there?
Whatever they want. That’s the beauty of it. The most popular activities tend to be hanging out, watching TV, playing pool and enjoying hobbies. Snacks? Of course. Drinks? They usually range from soft drinks and beer, to fine wines and top-shelf Scotch. Other popular pastimes are playing cards and poker, shooting displaying collectibles, exercising, working on cars, playing music, working in a home office and storing wine in a wine cellar. There are hundreds more that I could list here.
4) Why does a man need one?
Every man has a basic, primal, instinctual need to have a space to call his own. It’s his territory. If you ask most men why they want a “cave” of their own they’ll tell you they’d like a place where they can recharge the batteries after a long day on their job, and a place where they can hang out with their buddies.
5) Isn’t a Man Cave anti-female and/or anti-family?
The answer to that question is: NO! In fact, research shows these spaces are always a fun place to be and most women embrace the idea.
6) How much does one cost?
It all depends on your personal budget, personal style, favorite activities and the size of the space. Basically, the sky’s the limit!

Go on and solidify your love by creating the perfect Man Cave for your perfect hubby or significant other on his birthday. View these amazing man cave examples from the Huffington Post. If you are considering buying a new home to create the perfect space for your guy in Montecito, Hope Ranch or any of Santa Barbara’s upscale communities, I can help. Please take a look at my comprehensive website then call me at 805.886.9378 or email me at There are some amazing properties available right now.

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