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The Key To Business Success: Love What You Do

The words Love what You Do scrolled across a highway to show how to be successful I know the key to business success because I live it every day. I love what I do: work in luxury real estate and appreciate my discerning clients, especially when they write a testimonial like this one from a buyer I recently represented:

“Cristal really breaks the mold. She knows every nook and cranny of this real estate market, understands value, and follows up on everything, all the time.  She was incredibly patient with our two-year quest to find the perfect house.  Every house-hunting trip from across the country was well planned, and our time was never wasted. On top of her professionalism and expertise, she is delightful to spend time with.  We are thrilled with the home we purchased and grateful to Cristal for so wisely advising us through this process, right through to the close and beyond.” – Laurie Siegel

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, loving what you do is the cornerstone of wealth and happiness. The article says it’s important to understand the difference between loving what you do and doing what you love. Doing what you love is often unrealistic, not in demand and/or comprised of decisions made with emotions. (Think starving artist, musician, athlete and the like).

To distill it down even further, loving what you do means that you’ve developed an expertise that is in demand, where people are willing to pay for what you do.

There are three simple laws to follow in order to love what you do.
Law #1: You better be passionate about it.
Law #2: You need to be an expert at it.
Law #3: You are paid exceptionally for it.

Another law to success is living where you feel inspired. If that means you want to move to Montecito, Hope Ranch or any of Santa Barbara’s upscale communities, then let’s work together. There are some amazing properties available right now. Please take a look at my comprehensive website then call me at 805.886.9378 or email me at I have all the intel on the real estate market here, plus I can share pocket listings with you: all perfect places where you can live where you love and love what you do!

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