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Could you live in one of these gravity defying homes?

Recently, I saw this article in Elle Décor that lists 15 gravity defying homes from around the world. The residential wonders, as they’re called in this round-up are something to behold, for sure. Here are my favorites:

The Mushroom House is not something out of Alice in Wonderland. This custom built home in Cincinnati, Ohio is sturdy and live-able, even though it looks like it may be welded and glued together. Believe it or not, this home is the brain-child of a professor of architecture and interior design at the University of Cincinnati.

What do you think about an extreme green, Heliotrope Rotating House in Germany? This solar powered home rotates towards the sun for warmth in winter and back in summer to the more well-insulated rear. I don’t know about you but a rotating house makes me dizzy to just think about!

British Columbia, Canada’s Free Spirit House is made from wooden spheres that can be hung from any solid surface, be it a tree, cliff or anywhere your imagination takes you. The home is accessed by a spiral stairway or bridge with a web of rope replacing the foundation of a conventional building. What would that feel like in a wind storm?

A philanthropist and designer in Poland created this Upside-Down House. It may look crazy but it was actually built as a social commentary regarding Poland’s former Communist era.

From the Ukraine comes this Levitating Farm House supported by a single cantilever. I feel dizzy just imagining living here. Do you think its earthquake safe?

Although I don’t know of any gravity defying homes for sale in Montecito, there are some amazing homes currently on the market. For more information, visit my website or give me a call at 805-886-9378.

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