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The Top 5 Landscaping Tips for Homeowners

A woman laying on a couch outside lookig at her computer for landscaping tipsThe right landscaping can really make a difference whether you are considering putting your home on the market or doing some entertaining this summer. Besides boosting the look of your home before it hits the market, landscaping can be key in creating a comfortable space for those who love to entertain. Here are the top 5 landscaping tips from Investopedia, the largest financial education website in the world:

  1. Clean and tidy up your yard.

Follow these tips to breathe new life into your yard this summer:

  • Rake leaves (if you didn’t during early spring).
  • Prune and manicure your hedges.
  • Get rid of any fallen tree branches.
  • Power wash or pressure wash your deck/porch.
  • Consider repainting some of the siding or the deck, depending on the damage it suffered during the winter.
  • Get rid of any weeds in your flower bushes and add fertilizer where needed.
  • Add more mulch around your trees or flowerbeds if it disappeared over the winter.
  1. Think hardscaping.

Add texture and curb appeal to your outdoor space with hardscape elements. Think driveways, walkways and retaining walls. Just by mixing gravel and pebbles, your landscaping will look clean and streamlined. Use bricks to create lines between your flowers and grass. Get other hardscaping ideas from HGTV.

  1. Shrubs and trees galore.

Every garden needs trees and shrubs to look complete. Consult with your landscaper on species that thrive here in Santa Barbara. You want to include a range of colors to add texture and make sure you don’t forget to arrange shrubs around your porch or back deck for privacy and style.

  1. Plant containers to add a splash of brightness.

Plant containers can help keep your garden from looking cluttered. Consider hanging them, lining them up on an exterior wall or attaching them to your windowsills. The possibilities are endless.

  1. Create a magical pathway.

Give your garden a touch of magic with curving and bending pathways. Choose from a wide variety of materials including brick, tile, concrete and so forth. Line pathways with standing lanterns. Classy yard lighting is the perfect touch for all your outdoor entertaining in the summer.
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