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Kitchen Trends: Terrazzo Countertops

Kitchen Trends: Terrazzo Countertops image of a slab of terrazzoTerrazzo countertops are among the latest kitchen trends. And the versatile material has quite a history. The distinct look can be traced back to ancient Egypt. What we know as terrazzo today was developed by builders in Venice, Italy, and originally used for flooring. In fact, terrazzo has been used for flooring in the United States since the nineteenth century: covering commercial spaces from airports to cultural institutions, and schools to hotels.

Today, terrazzo’s modern twist makes it the perfect choice for those who love mid-century or contemporary styles and who want a totally unique, customized one-of-a-kind look in their kitchen. Since it can be made in bold and bright colors, terrazzo can add that WOW! factor to any kitchen.

“Terrazzo is made from a concrete base, with decorative aggregates added to the mix,” says Houzz. “After the mix cures, it’s polished to a high sheen with a grinding wheel. The polishing is what makes terrazzo. Terrazzo’s been used as a flooring material for the last 100 or so years; its leap up onto the counters is still relatively new.”

Consider these 6 important points about terrazzo:

1) Price
Using terrazzo means you will spend between $47 to $98 a square foot. Shipping costs can raise the price even more because the slabs are heavy. But it’s worth the cost to have a chic kitchen countertop that’s one of the “newest” kitchen trends, isn’t it?
2) Green Alternative
Since terrazzo is made from recycled materials and concrete, your countertop will be the greenest on the block.
3) Colors Galore
Designers can choose from a wide array of color. In fact, terrazzo is known as the only material that allows for this level of countertop material design.
4) Distinctive Kitchen Counter
Top designers say they love using terrazzo because of its unique beauty, elegance, longevity, and versatility. For those who want something original, there’s no better way to go.
5) Where to Find Terrazzo
You won’t find terrazzo at typical stores like Home Depot. You need to find a company with qualified artisans to create your kitchen countertop work of art. Here are the three best places to buy terrazzo in Santa Barbara. You must hire the experts to install terrazzo. Keep an eye out for the speckled material in furniture, lighting, and décor since it’s becoming extremely popular.
6) Upkeep
Terrazzo is extremely durable, but it does require regular maintenance. As I mentioned above, you may notice terrazzo in public buildings. That’s because terrazzo is long-lasting and can be refinished repeatedly. But just like anything good in life, it can be damaged, and the colors may fade if they are not attended to properly. But the end results are worth it!

I’ve blogged before about how a trophy kitchen can sell your home, and believe following kitchen trends such as using terrazzo on kitchen countertops is an excellent choice, whether you’re selling or staying put.

If you’re looking to move in Montecito, Hope Ranch or any of Santa Barbara’s upscale communities, please call at 805.886.9378 or email me at I’ll happily add your listing to my portfolio of fine homes in the area and find your new dream home for your family where you can follow kitchen trends, including creating a terrazzo countertop masterpiece.


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