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The Juliet Balcony: A Romantic and Practical Extension to Your Home

the original juliet balconyHave you ever considered adding a Juliet balcony to your home? We’re all familiar with Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet and the famous scene where our heroine stands on the terrace and talks about love to her Romeo. It’s not surprising that the location of that famous speech has become part of architectural history. In fact, adding a small veranda barely big enough to fit a person, offers an intimate extension of the interior room, which is meant to add an outdoor ambiance to the indoors, and vice versa. Unlike larger balconies, a Juliet balcony isn’t intended for large parties and patio furniture. With Juliet balconies, the design of the place tends to be more important than its function. Due to its European influence and romantic heritage, this small, exterior area has become very fashionable among buyers, and therefore can add a lot of value to your home if it used and displayed properly. Here are some decorative ways a Juliet balcony can be utilized:
1) Garden: By installing railing planters, balcony boxes, or hanging baskets, you can quickly create a high-rise garden in the space. Adding plant life right outside a room is a natural way to create a relaxed mood. You could possibly even wind vines between the balustrades, partially enclose the space with a shaded trellis for more privacy, or seal the area with glass windows to form an impromptu greenhouse.
2) A Life-size Window: Having a Juliet balcony allows you to open up a room. Since there are usually French doors that lead out onto the veranda, you now have the option of opening up an entire section of your wall to let in more light and fresh air.
3) The View: These additions are very common in luxury settings since they offer a place to admire and behold a spectacular view.
For more tips on upgrading your home to enjoy or sell, like adding a Juliet balcony, please visit my comprehensive website. Call me at 805.886.9378 or email me at By the way, go ahead and decorate your home for Easter. Just don’t go overboard.

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