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Interior Design Trends in Santa Barbara

Interior Design Trends in Santa Barbara
By Dina Hanna
As we ring in the New Year sipping champagne and watching the real estate market, interior designers are also bringing in new interior designs trends and insights into changing consumer trends.
According to Trulia, interior designers across the country are predicting subtle changes to the “modern” look of homes as well as how they reflect the homeowner’s lifestyle.
As an example, granite has been a long-time favorite of designers and homeowners alike for various countertops, and displaying life and movement. But the luxury material requires reaching deep into their pockets and a bit of maintenance despite it’s ubiquity. Other less expensive options are taking a hold of the market as designers suggest pairing these different materials with bolder paint colors or intricate wallpaper.
Individualism is taking on a whole new meaning as style preferences shift towards the lifestyle of the region that home is in. For example, indoor/outdoor living is a common theme amongst Santa Barbara residents as the climate and beach-front properties allow for a more relaxed but luxurious atmosphere.
Placing timeless furniture and accessories in the backyard and opening a wall to be a large glass door or multitude of windows is a trend that much of the country cannot share in due to weather concerns.
Bringing aspects of the outdoors back inside is also a foreseen design trend for 2017. Neighbors are pulling in patterns such as the honeycomb shape into various textiles around the home, as well as into wallpaper and artwork.
Fabric that is typically used outdoors where durability is likely the top priority is now being woven throughout the home as well. Wool rugs and natural materials that can withstand a variety of weather patterns are inside bedrooms and living spaces, bringing continuity to the home and increasing the feel of the indoor/outdoor living space as a whole.
Santa Barbara has a unique vantage point of individualism and lifestyle effects on design trends, and therefore, most families have their go-to interior designers to help make their house reflect the personality and natural flows of the dwellers.
If you’re considering a move to any of Santa Barbara’s upscale and inviting communities, don’t hesitate to reach out for help in navigating the local real estate, keeping the ebbs and flow of the design world and your distinctive taste in mind.
If you are considering using these interior design trends in your new home in Montecito, Hope Ranch or any of Santa Barbara’s upscale communities, Cristal Clark is here to help. Please take a look at her comprehensive website then call her at 805.886.9378 or email Cristal at

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