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How to Use Sky Blue — Especially in Santa Barbara

how to use sky blueThe versatile color called sky blue can add a bit of timeless freshness both indoors and out. Sky blue conjures up the seaside, picnics under a clear blue sky and springtime gardens. Leading interior designers suggest using sky blue to bring a light touch to everything from a home’s exterior to interior ceilings, bedrooms, kitchens and more. Here are 6 reasons why Santa Barbara homeowners are turning to this fresh, versatile color in their decorating projects.

  1. Four seasons of sky blue. In the spring, sky blue looks fresh alongside pale green and in the summer, this color will add a crisp look, especially when paired with simple white. The color can warm up a room in the cooler months, especially when paired with rich, fall-inspired orange, chocolate or gold.
  2. Everyone likes sky blue. Color lovers appreciate sky blue’s brightness yet the color is subdued enough for classicists. Sky blue is classic, versatile and easy to live with; appealing to both women and men.
  3. A timeless hue. Use on cabinetry or tile work, or just add a touch of sky blue with a rug or chair; this classic hue will not look dated or tired over time.
  4. Pairs well with warm hues.Create a dynamic look by pairing sky blue with cherry-red accents for a fresh, summery look all year long.
  5. Create a happy, polished look. Imagine pairing sky blue with creamy and sandy hues to create an understated and elegant look. It can also add a touch of happy to any room by updating your home with sky blue. Even small touches can bring a smile to your face!
  6. Sky blue is a coastal classic. Try using sky blue in a less-expected place, like beneath the kitchen island, or on your ceiling to create a coastal vibe, especially for homeowners living here in Santa Barbara. Just painting one wall in your home sky blue can bring the outdoors inside. However you decide to use this versatile hue, you’d be hard-pressed to find another color with as much potential for charm as sky blue.

The sky-like nature of this light to mid-tone blue hue makes it an easy-to-work-with choice for exteriors, too. It is one of my personal favorites! Check out my previous blog, “Can the Color of Your Room Affect Your Mood,” to find out how sky blue can actually provide calmness to your home. If you are planning to sell a luxury property in Montecito or other upscale Santa Barbara communities, I suggest you consider using the versatile sky blue color for any necessary upgrades before you list your home for sale.

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