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How to embrace your own personal interior design style in your home

personal style I’ve dedicated a lot of posts to your home’s interior design style. Today I ask: Are you losing yourself for the sake of being on trend?
According to a new story in Realty Times, “How to Be On Trend Without Losing Your Personal Style,” when it comes to home décor, injecting a little personality (or a lot) is an excellent way of making your home your own. Here are my top 6 tips on striking the balance between personal styles and staying on trend:
1) If you’re not sure how to bring your personal style into your home, take a cue from your wardrobe. Focus on the patterns and colors that are prevalent in your wardrobe to illuminate the perfect home design choices for you.
2) Don’t base your design choices on what you see in open houses. Most open houses are cleaned out, pared down, and stripped of most or all of their personality prior to being listed to appeal to the masses. They’re designed to sell, not to live in. They may look nice and clean, but that sterility doesn’t lend itself well to a daily life.
3) Adapt the 80/20 rule where 80% of every space is composed of popular, trendy items that can be changed out as styles change while reserve the other 20% for pieces that are meaningful to you in some way — because they are heirlooms, are reminiscent of a time or place, or simply because you like the design.
4) Don’t take it so seriously, because at the end of the day you want to enjoy where you live. If getting the design right is becoming a chore, maybe it’s time to take a step back.
5) Consider a seasonal rotation of the items on show, creating a great way to keep things fresh and fun and avoid a cluttered interior.”
6) Buy things that make you happy. Want to butt a fuchsia armchair up against a peacock blue wall, or sandwich a French antique desk between two ultra-modern bookcases? Go for it! You can always bring in touches that will make your space both unique and on trend.
If you are ready to move and embrace your own personal interior design style in your home’s interior design in any of the upscale communities of Montecito, Hope Ranch or Santa Barbara, I hope you will consider working with me. Just call me at 805.886.9378 or email me at and we’ll begin your house selling journey. I am also here to help homeowners in these upscale communities sell their home using my tried and true marketing strategy. Let’s get together and discuss your needs!

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