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A Homeowner Checklist: 8 Important Things Homeowners Need to Know

Homeowner Checklist I just read an article in PureWow listing 8 important things that should be on every homeowner checklist.
1) Where to Turn Off the Gas
If there’s a fire or other natural disaster like an earthquake in Santa Barbara, you’ll need to turn off your gas pronto. But where is it and how do you use it? It’s a valve located on a pipe adjacent to your gas meter. The meter is usually outside next to the house, or in a crawlspace. You’ll need a 12-inch or larger adjustable wrench to turn the valve one-quarter turn in either direction. You may also look into an automatic valve shut off designed to activate and shut down gas flow to a non-hazardous level to avoid the possible dangerous release of gas into the home. Don’t turn it off unless you smell gas, but if you do, call 911 to report it before you turn it off yourself.
2) Do You Have A Go-To Fix-It Person?
Don’t wait until you’re in the middle of a crisis to find your go-to-fix-it person. Make sure you have the names and numbers of your plumber, electrician, and general contractor handy and tape the info to the inside of a kitchen cabinet where you can get to it easily.
3) How Do You Turn Off the Water?
For an overflowing toilet, turn the knob just behind it to the right to shut off the water. That’s easy. But if you experience something like gushing water from the faucet on your tub or sink, you’ll need to know how to shut the water off at the main source. Look for a valve next to the water meter, usually outside or in your utility room.
4) Let’s Talk Circuit Breaker
Do you know where your circuit breaker is? It’s important you do so you can shut it off if you smell burning, if there is a fire, or if a switch or outlet becomes blackened.
5) What Does Your Home Insurance Cover?
Reading through your policies is extremely important. Who knows, you may discover happy bonuses you didn’t know about.
6) Setting Your Sprinkler Timer
Keep in mind, we’re still in a drought, so adjust your sprinkler to run a minimal number of hours. The complicated-looking digital panel is easier to use than it looks, especially if you take a few moments to carefully read the manual.
7) What Is The Age Of Your Roof?
The average life expectancy of a roof, one of the most expensive home elements, is around 25 years. If and if you don’t know how old it is, consider having a roof check-up to estimate its age.
8) Cleaning Your Lint Trap?
A high number of household fires start when dryer lint combusts. Prevent this by locating the removable mesh net just inside the bottom of your dryer’s door.
I hope learning about these 8 import things on my homeowner checklist has inspired you to act now, before there’s a crisis. If you need a referral for any of the service professionals I have referenced above, or if you’re considering moving to, or within Montecito, Hope Ranch or any of Santa Barbara’s upscale communities, just give me a call at 805.886.9378 or email me at

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