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Add Some Fun Into Your Home Décor in 8 Steps

home decor It’s easy to create a home that makes you smile: just add some fun elements into your home décor. Realty Times recommends you stop being so serious when it comes to decorating your home. Instead, have fun! Here are a few ideas to get started:

  • West Elm Dapper Animal Plates are adorable! Based on paintings of real animals, designer Rachel Kozlowski dressed and accessorized each character to match its own sense of style. The company suggests you mix and match to create your own circle of animal friends.
  • Show your sense of humor at your front door with a fun doormat. Las Vegas lifestyle boutique Amusespot showcases unique products that will bring a smile to homeowners and their guests.
  • Amusespot also carries some fun tongue-in-cheek candles designed in Italy and manufactured here. They’re “the Coreterno candles that combine an eighteenth-century Victorian heart with elements of teenage slang, rock symbols and punk icons.”
  • What’s more fun than a bright colored couch? The answer is nothing. You’re guaranteed to smile when you walk into a room with a fuchsia couch!
  • Pet lovers will dig a pillow from Uncommon Goods, a company known for an array of distinct gifts items. Personalize your pillow to look JUST LIKE YOUR PET. (Great gift idea too).
  • How about a billiards-dining room table? Blatt Billiards is considered by many to be the finest table maker in the world. Check out their Billiards Dining Room Table Combos.
  • A Table Tennis Door is a door that swivels down from the frame and creates a makeshift ping pong table right in the middle of your door frame.
  • Check out this chandelier that turns any room into a forest. The stunning light sculpture casts shadows of tree throughout a room.

There are several amazing properties in Montecito that make the perfect backdrop to add some fun into your home decor. For instance, there’s this Montecito villa offering a tranquil ambiance of relaxed luxury with amazing ocean and mountain views. You’ll find more listings on my comprehensive website. Just call me at 805.886.9378 or email me at and I promise to add some fun into your house hunting journey!

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