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How to Hire a Competent Realtor: Consider Their Use of Technology

realtor using new technologyIf you are currently selling your property or planning on listing it, you need to consider how to hire a competent Realtor. Your quest for a qualified professional should include making sure he or she utilizes important tech innovation solutions applicable to the following real estate sales challenges:
Challenge 1: “Key” to sales
Let’s say your Realtor has several potential buyers who want to tour your property, but you have only one key.
The solution: KeyMe
This company allows agents, brokers and anyone else who needs daily access to your home to copy and distribute keys securely by scanning your key on your smartphone using this iPhone app. Just upload the file to a secure database, and KeyMe will cut a new key and send it out to as many recipients as you designate within three to five business days, or via kiosks, which allow users to scan and print keys on the spot (without needing a physical copy of the key).
Challenge 2: Getting potential buyers to visualize a home that has not yet been built.
Experts are forecasting a 21% gain in construction starts of single-family homes this year. What is your Realtor to do when challenged with selling a property that either doesn’t yet exist or is not yet finished?
The solution: Floored
This virtual program allows developers, agents and brokers representing or selling properties in the planning phase or under construction to tour a space before it’s even built. Floored’s technology goes beyond a flat rendering, allowing the user to move through a home virtually, enabling a seller, marketer or developer to send a link to a potential buyer and to take a virtual tour of that property, seeing how the rooms will look from various vantage points.
Challenge 3: Adding the sale of your home to your to-do list makes your head spin.
The solution: Carrot To-Do
This app gives anyone the kick in the pants they just might need to complete all those tasks on their to-do-list. The program acts like a fickle robot whose moods keep you interested, motivated and entertained. Carrot rewards users with points for completing a particular to-do item, which can be redeemed for prizes in the form of compliments, jokes and quotes. Those who fail to complete tasks might be surprised when Carrot gets a little feisty.
If you are listing your property and you’re consider how to hire a competent Realtor, make sure he or she knows about and utilizes all the tech innovation solutions available today, including having a comprehensive website such as If you are considering moving to Montecito or any of the upscale communities in Santa Barbara, please give me a call at 805.886.9378 or email me at

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