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Glitter Grout: New Décor Trend

Glitter GroutMake your kitchen and bathroom sparkle!

Décor trends come and go but glitter grout caught my eye. Normally, grout is the last thing I get excited about. But when you add glitter to it, it feels like your kitchen or bathroom just got a face-lift.  It’s surprisingly subtle and easy to use. Here are the details:

  • What is glitter grout? Glitter grout is an additive that you put in regular grout to give the epoxy-based solution sealing in your kitchen tiles a shimmer effect.
  • Will it make my kitchen or bathroom look like a night club?That’s the beauty of it—since the glitter is blended with regular grout, it creates a hint of shine without looking overdone. You can also add as much (or as little) glitter as you want to the mixture. Hint: Less is more.
  • Is it hard to clean? Infusing your grout with glitter takes the pressure off constant scrubbing since dirt tends to blend in with the shimmer. A win-win.
  • Where can you find it? I googled glitter grout and found this company, Atlas Grout Glitter, an online retailer that offers unique finishes for all tiled projects throughout your home with their comprehensive range of Glitter Grout.

A Tubful of Options With Glitter Grout

The market-leading Atlas grout glitter range is available in ten colors; all fully waterproof, suitable for any kitchen, shower or wet-room and has full anti-bacterial properties to help stop any stain or fungal build up and protect your gorgeous project for years to come.
Ready mixed sparkle grout is amazingly simple to use straight out of the litre-size tub. Suitable for all bathroom or kitchen tiles and mosaics, fully waterproof sparkle grout is available in black, white, red and blue. With silver sparkles running throughout this grout, it will create a stunning complement to any room. Their Grout glitter additive is available in silver or gold and can be added to any type or color of grout, cement or epoxy base. It’s easy to mix, and by simply adding it to the wet mortar in the bucket you can see the result instantly.
Isn’t it time to outfit your kitchen, wet room or bathroom with glitter grout? If you’re thinking about buying a sparking new home in Montecito, Hope Ranch or any of Santa Barbara’s upscale communities, or are considering selling your home here, I’m here to help. Please call me at 805.886.9378 or email me at  Maybe you’ll receive some glitter grout as a move-in gift!

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