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“Europa OneImage of a pool inside a “Modern Day Noah’s Ark”

Luxury Bunkers: Time to Invest in a Private Shelter?

INCREASING FEARS OF MAN-MADE AND NATURAL DISASTERS ARE MAKING THIS A GROWTH INDUSTRY Around the world, affluent folks are paying big bucks to create underground luxury bunkers in preparation of a nuclear disaster, climate catastrophe, or other...

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And architectural kitchen design with an architect hand making changes to show Kitchen Renovations

The Top 10 Home Kitchen Design Trends for 2019

What do you want in a home kitchen design or renovation? You might be surprised about the trends in home kitchen design for 2019. Some are old, others are new. Whether you’re planning to stay in your home or list it in the coming year, a tro...

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Young attractive couple in love happy together thinking and imaging blueprints , floor plan and design of new house, home, flat or apartment in real state concept to show real estate trends

New Real Estate Trend: Buying a House Sight Unseen

Would you ever buy a home based on a real estate trend? Buying a home without seeing it first is – as crazy as it sounds – a new real estate trend. According to those in the know, it’s becoming a new normal in America. Of course, most...

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smart house, home automation, device with app icons. Man uses his smartphone with smarthome security app to unlock the door of his house.

Today’s Top 6 Luxury Real Estate Trends

Think smart homes, hi-tech bathrooms, a separate home for entertaining, a cooler kitchen, custom detailing, and creating a self-sufficient home I love to blog about the latest luxury real estate trends. A recent post I wrote focused on the Sca...

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interior design bedroom

Top 10 Interior Design Trends to Embrace Now

Think butterflies, foldable appliances, and faux leather surfaces I often blog about the ever-changing world of interior design. Recently I shared a new way to spruce up your kitchen and bathroom using Glitter Grout. This post will focus on ...

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Interior Design Trends: 5 Ways to Master Marble

News flash: There's a new interior design trend: marble. After all, home decorating in 2017 is all about the fusion of organic materials. By adding simplicity of form with the essential beauty of raw materials, the result is marble. The...

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