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 How Long Will the Current Santa Barbara Real Estate Market Continue? The Santa Barbara real estate market continues to soar. In January 2022, inventory began to rise, too, partially due to a change of heart by many sellers who initially avoi...

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Today’s Top Luxury Real Estate Trends

TIME TO GO BIG AND GO HOME! I love to blog about the latest luxury real estate trends, and I’ve uncovered 5 interesting changes to share with you in this post. It appears that the COVID-19 global pandemic spurred an unprecedented shift in ...

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The Home of the Future From Leading Architects

4 WAYS SANTA BARBARA HOMES ARE LEADING THE WAY What will a home of the future offer? According to leading architects, future home spaces will include important features designed to change our lives for the better. Think eco-friendl...

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The Backyard Shed: Your New Home Office?

WHETHER OUT OF NECESSITY OR CONVENIENCE, A TREND IS BORN Sales of backyard sheds are spiking.  It seems more and more homeowners are needing a Santa Barbara home office. After all, the idea of a separate, quiet, office space is top of mind ...

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