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Jul 42015

Unique symbols of freedom

Unique symbols of freedom come to mind as we celebrate the 4th of July holiday. I just learned about one historic symbol that really surprised me: the bulldog. Believe it or not, English bulldogs found their way into the hearts of the U.S. Marine...

May 72015

How the Super-Rich Spend Their Money

I recently read this article on CNN Money, "How the Super-Rich Spend," and just had to share the highlights with you. Let's start by looking one of Santa Barbara's most famous residents, Oprah, who owns an $85 million mansion on a 42-acre estate in M...

Apr 302015

15 facts to be happy about

We who are fortunate enough to live in Santa Barbara have a lot to be happy about. Life is easy. Life is relaxing. People are carefree, healthy and full of enthusiasm. The area is absolutely stunningly beautiful, and everyone seems to realize this fa...

Jan 292015

Want to spend the night in an Alpine cable car?

I love to travel, so when I learned about how you can spend the night in an Alpine cable car suspended at 9,000 feet in the French Alps I just had to share the info with you. The night in heaven is part of Airbnb's "A Night At" competition. The winne...

Jan 222015

Enjoy the Ultimate Super Bowl Experience: Only $500,000!

With Super Bowl XLIX coming to Arizona February 1, sports fans have a rare opportunity to attend the world-class event through Beck & Score's exclusive Super Bowl offerings. Beck & Score, which offers tailor-made travel experiences to the wor...

Dec 182014

5 interesting facts about MONEY!!!

Despite today's decrease in the popularity of paper currency, money continues to make the world go round. Behind the scenes every day, more money is produced and old money is recycled. Face it, we can't live without the green stuff! I did some diggin...

Jul 182014

The fine art of outdoor dining

We are so lucky to live here in Santa Barbara, the perfect city to experience the fine art of outdoor dining. An outdoor kitchen is one of the things homebuyers are looking for today, especially in our sunny communities. If you are thinking of remode...

Jan 282014

Could you live in one of these gravity defying homes?

Recently, I saw this article in Elle Décor that lists 15 gravity defying homes from around the world. The residential wonders, as they're called in this round-up are something to behold, for sure. Here are my favorites: (more…)...

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