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Sep 82021

19 Yearly Home Maintenance Tasks

THINK OF THESE TASKS AS GIVING VITAMINS TO YOUR HOME Remember when you bought your house? You noted a million and ten things that needed to be done, and yearly home maintenance you swore to perform or oversee. Through the years, that list might ha...

Jul 282021

The Best Interior Paint Colors for Selling a House

RESULTS FROM A NEW STUDY, AND THE COLORS FOR EVERY ROOM Is it worth considering the best interior paint colors for selling a house? Every home seller has heard about the importance of sprucing up their property before listing a home, as the owners...

Apr 82021

A Practical Guide to Cleaning Out a Garage

GET READY TO PURGE, SORT AND DECLUTTER YOUR MONTECITO MOTOR MOTEL The garage is one of those spaces homeowners can easily put off organizing for years or even decades. Many wait for a big move or major life change to force facing the clutter, whic...

Feb 32021

Tips and Tricks for Organizing Your Kitchen — Again

GIVE A LITTLE EXTRA LOVE TO THE HEART OF YOUR MONTECITO HOME Every homeowner knows how easy it is for chaos to creep into the kitchen. Expired food lurks in the back of the fridge, grains hide behind cans in cabinets, and family members leave mess...

Aug 202019

Luxury Home Products for Montecito Homeowners

7 NEW PRODUCTS YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT As technology advances, so do luxury home products. While product launches are nothing new, many of the latest products and gadgets to hit the market today are designed specifically to make everyday chores mor...

Apr 252019

Maintaining a Healthy Home Begins in the Bedrooms and Bathrooms

DON’T FRET. ALL GOOD THINGS MUST COME TO AN END. The recent issue of Health Magazine has some excellent advice for maintaining a healthy home; especially when it comes to bedrooms and bathrooms. According to the publication, there are 6 things in ...

Feb 222019

Tidying Up with Marie Kondo: It’s All About Choosing Joy

 USING THE CLEANING GURU'S KONMARI METHOD™ Are you aware of the Marie Kondo cleaning craze sweeping the Netflix-watching nation? For those who haven’t heard of her yet, Marie Kondo is a Japanese organizing consultant and star of the Netflix h...

Feb 192019

Sick Building Syndrome: Could Your Home be Making You Ill?

FOLLOW THESE 4 STEPS TO A HEALTHY MONTECITO HOME Office buildings are not the only places that come down with sick building syndrome (SBS). You might mistakenly self-diagnose yourself with a cold or flu when in reality, you could be suffering from S...

Jan 182019

The Junk Drawer: A Montecito Tradition?

EVEN LUXURY HOMES HAVE A JUNK DRAWER OR TWO  I’m going to take a bold step here and assume that literally every Montecito residence – including my own – has at least one junk drawer. Are those receptacles of random stuff a metaphor for how yo...

Oct 262018

Winterizing Your Home: Even Santa Barbara Homes Need to be Winter Ready

Now is the time to prepare for the cold and rain Fall is the best time to begin winterizing your home, even for those of us who live in sunny Santa Barbara. Although U.S. News & World Report lists Santa Barbara as the best place in the U.S. to ...

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