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Jan 152019

“California Chic” is Alive and Well in Montecito

Here are some ways to pull off the effortless cool look that’s synonymous with the California lifestyle If you already live in Montecito or just about any of the communities in or around Santa Barbara, there’s a good chance you’re already embr...

Dec 282018

Next Housing Crash Prediction: Is One Coming?

5 reasons NOT to fear a housing crash As we head into 2019, it seems like everyone is awaiting the experts’ next housing crash prediction.  Some of those experts do warn there’s trouble brewing in the U.S. housing market; asserting fear that an...

Dec 42018

Is a Recession Coming?

Recessions happen. 5 warning signs to watch for. While our economy is at full steam right now, lately I’ve been hearing the question “Is a recession coming?” from clients and colleagues.  A decade after the global financial crisis, the United...

Nov 272018

Montecito Community Leadership Forms The Partnership for Resilient Communities

As our neighbors in Ventura and Los Angeles begin to recover from the Woolsey Fire, Montecito community leaders form The Partnership for Resilient Communities I’m thoroughly impressed with the Montecito community leadership that formed the Partner...

Sep 272018

Fiscal Fitness: The Advantages of Investing in Your Health

The fitness industry and the world of finance might seem like an unusual pairing but they’re not as disparate as you might think Fiscal fitness is a piece of financial advice that is nothing to scoff about. It’s real. By investing in your health...

Sep 142018

Capital Gains Tax: 3 Dreaded Words When Selling Your Home

Do you qualify for capital gains tax exemptions? Capital gains tax applies when you sell something for a profit. That means if you’re selling your home for more than you paid for it, you need to report that gain to the Internal Revenue Service. Th...

Mar 222018

Another Fed Rate Hike? 7 Ways the Fed’s Decisions Affects Your Wallet

A Fed rate hike from tops economic news this week The Fed rate hike that was anticipated became a reality when newly appointed Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell announced a modest benchmark interest rate hike of between 1.5 percent and 1.75. Th...

Dec 122017

Diversify Your Portfolio by Investing in Real Estate

Here are 3 ways to diversify your portfolio It's a new year and time to evaluate your finances and diversify your portfolio by investing in real estate. One of the biggest reasons investors diversify their real estate portfolio is to mitigate ri...

Jun 112015

Experts say interest rates and wages will rise

Experts say interest rates will rise as the Federal Reserve eases accommodations it made to boost the weak economy. That's the bad news. Now the good news: wages are likely to increase, too. And, statistics show that new household formations are on t...

Apr 282015

$40 million, the new price of luxury?

A report in today's Wall Street Journal says new luxury home listing and sales at the $40 million mark are popping up across the country including right here in Santa Barbara. The article titled "The New Price of Luxury: $40 Million," explains how th...

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